billy, burger and ovo saturday

finally going to ikea for all the right reasons
Today has been A Very Busy Day.

Busy and eventful and satisfying. Although it always seems that on Saturdays when my house is overheated and a cool change has come in that we spend the whole day away from my house and I don't really get to cool things down.

Not that I would change anything that happened today for the world... it was all totally worth it.

We started off with the usual routine... but I can't say that we did a hell of a lot of shopping at the supermarket, because we were back here by about 8:30, and we hadn't gotten there that much earlier than normal.

It did mean that we were headed to Ikea nice and early though, so that was definitely a plus.

All the way back in May 2010, I blogged about the fact that I wanted new bookcases. I even used the Ikea Home Planner at the time to mock up a pretty accurate version of my apartment and plan out exactly how many bookcases I could buy and what configuration I could arrange them in.

And today... 2 years, 7 months, 28 days later... I finally bought them using the exact same plan I made all that time ago.

No, I don't have any space to set them up... no, I haven't been through all my books and DVDs and CDs and bits and pieces to work out what I'm keeping and what I'm giving away... yes, the old bookcases are still here and I'm not completely sure what it is I'm going to do with them once I put the new bookcases up... but at least now I have an actual incentive for doing all of that stuff, as I'll have five VERY large boxes looming over me in my bedroom as of tomorrow until I finally get around to organising things.

Yes, I could have done it the other way, but I also know how my brain works, and I'm much less likely to ever get around to sorting through everything until I have a reason to do it.

Actually I want to declutter my apartment as much as possible this year... I don't want to go minimal or anything, but I know that there must be a whole plethora of stuff that I don't use, have never used or will never use again that could very happily depart...

But all of that will have to wait for cooler weather. It may end up waiting until April to be honest, because even if the weather does cool down before then, there's all the Fringe stuff going on in February and March.

What I really need to do is take a couple of days off (or one at least) and start going through everything.

It'll happen eventally though.

The bookcases, however, arrive tomorrow, fortunately when I went to see the nice people who do the Ikea deliveries she just asked if tomorrow between 12 and 6 was good for me. Which it will be.

Unsurprisingly they've put the delivery prices up since I got my bed delivered in 2009 (either that or it was because I was getting more pieces delivered), but hopefully like that time the delivery will be the first one on their run.

The whole Ikea experience was fairly painless... possibly because I had an actual task to accomplish... although once I loaded up the cart with a ridiculous amount of bookcases that stuck out further than they should have at both ends, I was slightly annoyed with the number of people who either got in the way, or didn't get out of the way.

We also bought a bunch of other stuff... like everyone always does when they go to Ikea... a very chunky glass (not that I actually need any more glassware) that just felt right in my hand once I picked it up, some little battery powered lights that I'll probably use once the new bookcases are set up, and other assorted bits and pieces. And Ma bought one of the Lack coffee tables to use as a TV stand, the same as I've did.

And all that and we were finished by noon.

After dropping everything off at my place we headed down to the other end of North Adelaide to check out Burgastronomy which must have either opened today or for dinner last night (since they still had brown paper up in the windows yesterday afternoon when I went past).

I will say that our dining experience might have been better if there hadn't been four people and a baby managing to quite literally take up about half of the available space.

I had The Trucker burger (with bacon and egg) while Ma had The Traditional (I think that's what it was called... it had big thick slices of pickle on it anyway). We also got their sweet potato chips.

If I'm being honest, my burger was kind of underseasoned, or possibly it just seemed that way next to the fries which were not only covered in, I think, some sort of cheese (parmesan maybe), but also heavily salted.

All in all it was a fairly average burger... and I don't mean that in a bad way... it just wasn't the best I've ever had, but fit solidly within the "yeah, I'd probably try that again" category.

Given that I think it was about 1:30 or so by the time we finished lunch and got back to my place again, I thought that we were going to end up with a hell of a lot of time to kill before we headed off to see the Cirque Du Soleil show, Ovo (which I bought tickets for last February)... but given that the carpark opened at 2:30 and there had been reports about it being pretty damn full, we decided to head off to grab a spot nice and early.

And early it was! In fact so early that we got a park right in front of the big top, and we had to hang around for about a while under a tree until they opened the doors.

I'll write a full review on the show later (maybe in the morning), but suffice to say it was an awesome experience.

After the show we came back to my place and then went down the street to grab some dinner.

So, as you can see, not a lot of time to be able to open my apartment up... but I wouldn't have traded any of it in.

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