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Welcome to 2013, the International Year of Water Cooperation and the International Year of Quinoa.

Is there a New Years equivalent of the Christmas's Grinch/Scrooge? If there is, I think I'm it. I mean I stayed up until after midnight last night, but I didn't really care, I was just going through to motions.

And today definitely has that whiff of "the last day before the end of school holidays" about it.

I'm hoping this isn't going to generally set the tone for the rest of the year (although, honestly, does anything that happens on New Years Day ever inform the rest of the year?).

Anyway, thanks to re-reading old New Years blog posts a couple of days ago, I definitely made an effort as soon as I got up on New Years Eve to get everything organised. In fact by around 7am I'd changed my bedding, washed up, tidied up, took out the trash (actually took it out just as the garbage truck was pulling out to my house... timing!), took down the old calendars and was trying to cool the house down as much as possible.

And once I'd finished my final Photo-A-Day post and had a shower, I decided to reward myself by laying on the bed and watching a movie. Which sounds incredibly lazy, except that I've spent far too much time sitting up for long periods of time over this Christmas break and my back/leg is letting me know that that's not a good plan.

The first movie was followed by lunch (what I really love about a bagel is that it pretty much tastes the same on the day it's made as it does three or four days later), and then another movie.

But then I wanted to finish off my final post for 2012, so more sitting... and it actually took longer than I thought it would, especially since I was only really cutting images... but I think everything during this Christmas break has taken longer than I expect it to. I know, you just can't believe how thrilling my life is, right? Me either!

I'd picked out Brave, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and The Amazing Spider Man as my three movies to lead me into the New Year, so I cooked dinner (possibly the best steak I've ever cooked... so very tender and perfectly cooked) while watching Brave and ate the berry and apple cider jelly I made (I think this is the first time in a while that I've made one of those "flavour your own jelly" jellies... I remember now why I liked them so much, although the fruit helped.

I think the funk set in sometime during ALVH once I'd gone back to lay on my bed. I'm not even sure why specifically (although the thought of going back to work on Wednesday was at least part of it)... but I just didn't feel very NYE'sy...

Not when the 9pm fireworks went off, not during any of the times when the wind carried the thumping bass from the NYE concert up the hill to North Adelaide (I would have sworn a number of times that it was coming from a house on my street rather than down by the Torrens) and not during the seemingly never ending fireworks pops, bangs and booms at midnight.

And not all of the fireworks were the official ones... there were at least two unofficial sets of fireworks that went off both before, during and after the main ones.

It doesn't matter how well I do the math, I always get the times for watching movies on NYE wrong... or else I end up stopping the movies at various points, or taking longer between movies or something, because it wasn't that far off midnight when I started Spider Man. I probably shouldn't have started it, but it was better than throwing in the towel with less than half an hour to go. Plus I really wanted to see it again.

I finally threw in the towel at about 1:15, as I still had an hour's worth of the movie to finish, so instead I finished watching it first thing this morning.

So, yeah... perhaps a slightly more grumpy NYE post than previously... but it is what it is...

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