unconscious mutterings 406

The first day back after leave is always hard, fortunately I spent most of my day catching up on stuff and there were no major dramas... and everyone had to comment on my hair (oh please, it's so 10 days ago!), although when I checked myself out in the bathroom mirror later in the day it was looking pretty slamming... and my entire scalp is peeling, so I have dandruff the size of postage stamps at present...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Everything :: Desire
  2. China :: Made In
  3. Essence :: Fragrance
  4. Immediate :: Gratification
  5. Obstruct :: Progress
  6. Force :: The
  7. Constellation :: Orion
  8. Intuitive :: Action
  9. Complain :: A lot
  10. Train :: Carriage
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