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magnolia square marketIt feels a little bit like we've spend large chunks of today repeating ourselves. And while we're on that subject, it feels a little bit like we've spend large chunks of today repeating ourselves.

See what I did there... ahem... anyway...

Also, I held a big ass python... but that was later...

We did the same supermarket things that we always do... the only time it really changes is the few times when I do it by myself... and even then it doesn't feel THAT different.

I also squished some of the locusts that were lurking around outside the shopping centre... oh, and tried to rescue a ladybug that had found it's way into Ma's bag of rocket leaves, but it fell off my hand and I couldn't pick it back up...

See... this is about how exciting my life is.

Anyway, after we'd come back here and unpacked everything... again following the standard Saturday template, we headed off to the Magnolia Square Market at the Concert Hall in Norwood. Well, that's not completely accurate... we headed in the general direction of Norwood, only to discover that the entire 32 block radius (I'm kind of exaggerating, but not by much) around The Parade was blocked off because of the stupid Christmas Pageant. So we drove a very, very, very wide circle taking in both Kensington Road and Magill Road before discovering that we couldn't actually sneak our way in.

Fortunately the Goodwood Road Christmas Market was also on today, so we abandoned Norwood and headed over to Goodwood.

But I have to say... Goodwood Road Market... slightly disappointing. I don't know whether it was because the forecast was for rain (I know it was raining last time) so stalls stayed away in droves, or what... but it was somewhat sparse. However the two places we always end up visiting, Olives2Oil (seriously, if you can find it, get yourself some of this olive oil, it's divine!) and Pudding Lane were both there, so we didn't complain.

And we picked up a few other little bits and pieces (including a "Christmas tree" made out of the most revolting marshmallow I've ever been unlucky enough to eat), so it wasn't a total waste.

Once we'd done our thing we wandered back to the car and headed back down the road to Norwood, where they'd thankfully packed up the road blocks for the Christmas pageant.

Magnolia Square is always a very good looking market... even if the people who visit it are amongst the worst market shoppers I've ever encountered. Not a single one of them seems to be the least little bit spatially aware, and they just stand in whatever spot they feel like, taking up space when a simple step to either the left or right would allow other people to browse the merchandise. Idiots.

But because the products are mostly very good looking, they're also very expensive, and while there are some bargains, there wasn't anything that Ma and I felt compelled to part with cold hard cash for. Well, other than a toy soldier card and some gift tags.

It was still worth a look though.

Then we decided that since we were in the neighbourhood, we'd head down Unley Road and take a look at one of the stores that is supposed to sell the Ukido Ninja Warrior stuff... mostly stationery and the like. So we managed to find our way there eventually... but it turned out that although they were supposedly a "Platinum" stockist, they really didn't have as much of the Ukido stuff as they had of the Kimmidolls.

After that we decided to call it a day, so we headed back here. When we were unpacking all the bits and pieces, Ma noticed that one of the little purse things she bought was ripped, so she wanted to head back to change it... So I said I'd come with.

And for those of you paying attention, that means that during today's shopping trip we went from my house to Norwood, then to Goodwood, then to Norwood, then to Unley (which is pretty close to Goowood Road), then back to my house, then to Goodwood and back to my place.

See what I mean about repeating ourselves!

Anyway, when we got there I let Ma wander over to swap over her little purse and I gravitated over to the Animals Anonymous stand to pet the tame Tawny Frogmouth... so soft and such pretty eyes! And then I realised they were letting people hold the Centralian Carpet Python... so I had to have a go.

I've never actually held a snake before, not because it freaks me out, I've just never had the opportunity... and I have to say that I liked it a lot! It was a big snake, at least a couple of metres long, and quite heavy against the back of my neck, but it was a comforting weight. And the snake was quite content to just flatten itself against my body and take advantage of my body heat.

I ended up just standing there stroking the snake (and yes, I'm aware of how dirty that sounds) for ages. Snakes are a weird texture... the scales were very smooth but at the same time because they're individual, the whole snake felt "ribbed". And the best description I can give for what the body of the snake felt like was like a leg of lamb... it's not quite right... but I could feel the spine and the rest of the snake just felt like muscle.

I totally loved it though... it was so awesome! Now I kinda want a snake, if only so that I can wear it around my neck to yell at my neighbours and freak them out. I don't know how I would go with feeding it dead mice though...

Anyway, that was our day...

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