movies: red (retired, extremely dangerous)

red (retired, extremely dangerous) - still armed, still dangerous, still got itI need to preface tonight's movie choice, RED, with an admission or two...

Everybody has somebody who they would be supremely happy to hand the phonebook and ask them to start reading. For me, that's John Malkovich!

I also have soft spots for Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker and Morgan Freeman... which more or less covers most of the cast.

We're told fairly early in the movie that RED stands for "retired, extremely dangerous", and that just about covers it. But at the same time, it's not just "old people blow stuff up"... which, granted, would still have been a good movie... but it's more than that, probably due to the pedigree of the actors involved.

It's funnier than I was expecting, and very charming (I think a lot of that is Willis... there's just something about him that's charming in most of the things he does), and it doesn't just barrel along at a million miles an hour. It's a bit like the cast really... it's has no need to rush, and it knows how to get where it's going.

Actually I think that analogy sounded better in my head...

It's not the most original plot ever... in fact it's fairly formulaic spy/thriller stuff that we've seen before, but still very entertaining.

Plus it has Dame Helen Mirren with a BFG... and she handles it like a pro! So what's not to love!

yani's rating: 3 wetworkers out of 5

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