photo friday: the boxer

the boxerI've had a slightly combative week this week... at times through my own making, but occasionally because everyone seems to have had a bowl full of stupid for breakfast.

Fortunately most of the combative element has been me getting riled up and annoyed beforehand... gets it out of my system.

But there is a very tenuous link to the choice photo for today... it's one half of a pair of statues in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney called The Boxers.

See, tenuous.

I also need to share something that I've known for a while, but only seemed to become a reality this week. My last day of work at The Nut House could be Christmas Eve. Yes, this has been the case since the last time they extended it, but a bunch of stuff is up in the air and nobody can actually answer the "will I be coming back in 2011 or not" question.

Even if it turns out that it's "Not in January", I have a feeling I'll be back at some stage, but I'm kind of in two minds about having to leave.

Most of me just doesn't want to... I've done this a couple of times now... I spend a chunk of time with them, then I leave for a month or a couple of months or whatever, but then I come back. It is somewhat disruptive since I have to then play catch-up on whatever I've missed and am out of the loop for any decisions made during that time.

Part of me though... part of me needs a rest. That part wants to be able to get up at 6:30 instead of 5:15, and watch movies all day and go on some local photo safaris and make long complicated dinners that take a good couple of hours to prepare and have bagels with cream cheese for lunch. But I also know that without working there is only so long that I can really do that for.

And there's a tiny part of me that's currently running around in circles screaming at the top of my lungs.

Fortunately I'm probably in the best financial place I've ever been in (which to the outside observer probably doesn't look like much, but it's an achievement as far as I'm concerned), so that will keep the proverbial wolves from my door for a while.

But it's all really in the laps of the appropriate deities, and whatever happens happens.

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