photo friday: stag camera

stag cameraI do not have the slightest idea what happened to this week.

I spent far too much of it going "I'm going to do this and this and this and this and this today"... and pretty much managed to do the first two before the day spiralled into a big hole of "other random crap".

Although weirdly, when I came to write up my weekly task list this morning I couldn't think of anything of substance to add to it. So, essentially I spent most of my week being very busy doing nothing particularly of substance.

It was Adelaide PARK(ing) Day today... I only saw one of the spaces on my way to work this morning, but it's a great idea, even if it does feel a little weird walking past people sitting on grass in a parking space... I'm especially disappointed that I missed seeing the giant stegosaurus skeleton on Rundle Street though.

And since my life is currently quite boring, that's really about it...

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