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grey gargoyles monochrome chaosIt seems like every time I go to do one thing this week, three other things appear out of nowhere and distract me... as it is at work, so it is at home...

But part of my distraction at home today was marking the end of an era... I cleared all of my remaining images out of the photography website I started using in 2002 (and stopped using in around 2006 when it became clear the focus of the site had changed). This wouldn't have taken so long, but I wanted to keep all of the comments so I downloaded all the photo pages before deleting them (90 pages later).

It's all part of me current desire to slim down my digital footprint (and there's still a blog post about that rattling around in my head). I think possibly it's part of the annual "Spring Simplification" where I just want to tidy or rearrange or update stuff around this time of year.

And while it's been on my mind for a while, I think I was also partly inspired to do it today because H-San asked me to do some touch-up work on a very old photo this morning, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the zen-like repetition of touching up photos that aren't purely digital (and/or are of people).

But mostly I'm all about being distracted at present...

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