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ocimum basiliscumThe only problem with this photo is that there's no frame of reference, so it's very hard to tell exactly how teeny tiny the bottle is, but when I say that I'm planning to attach it to some cord and wear it as a pendant (not sure if that's with or without the basil seeds), it should give you some idea.

Today's Shopping Adventures were much better than last week's slightly dismal outing...

I started the day off with a Solo Supermarket Safari since Ma was off having her hair done... which would seem planned since I had mine done yesterday, but the timing was a compete fluke.

I was also relieved to find that I wasn't continually burping when I woke up... but that was short lived, because as soon as I had something to eat it started again... *sigh*. Actually I realised that I had some Roquefort cheese on Thursday (well, cheese type product that contained an element of Roquefort), so I'm wondering if that, combined with yeast from bread products is causing the problem. I did buy some Yakult though, so I'm hoping that helps...

Anyway, I did a reasonably quick shopping trip, had a wander around Target where I bought a new pair of work pants (which was a little disheartening since they're a size larger) and a new belt.

By the time Ma got here I was all unpacked and had just finished reading the paper, so essentially I was good to go.

We decided to go into the city... well, Ma suggested it and I just agreed, basically because it was a decision...

Ma did have a couple of places she wanted to look in, but mostly we did the same wander up and down the Mall we usually do. But then I took Ma down Hindley Street to show her the Toy Soldiers lightboxes. On the way back we decided to take a look along Leigh Street, which underwent some "gentrification" a while ago, but since we don't generally spend much time down that end of town, I don't think either of us had really been down there.

It was very groovy actually... not a whole hell of a lot to do, but a nice little street.

We did take a look around Leigh Street Luggage where I kinda fell in love with the Ogon Aluminium wallets, I'm just not sure how practical they'll actually be for me, given that I tend to stick a lot of stuff in my wallet... but I think the idea will keep rattling around in my head.

After that we headed back to the car, headed back to my place and had a few minutes of sitting around wondering what to do about lunch. I didn't really want very much, but eventually we decided to head down to Queen Street to the Queen Street Deli. And essentially we had breakfast for lunch.

Then we had a little wander around the few little chichi shops on Queen Street, which is what brings back to Ocimum Basiliscum... the basil seeds... which I bought mostly for the little tiny bottle.

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Michael said...

G'day Yani, just wanted to let you know that my blog Tres Fab Sweetie is back, and I have already added you as a link :-)

Michael (aka 'Bodhi')


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