wet, uneventful saturday

I woke up this morning to some pretty intense rain on the roof... and it's been doing that on and off all day, interspersed, oddly enough, with bouts of very bright sunshine.

But it's also pretty damn chilly out there.

I got up earlier than previous weeks and tidied up a bit before throwing myself in a hot shower and getting ready. I decided that today was very definitely a beanie day... especially given that I know that once I put the beanie on it pretty much wrecks my hair for the rest of the day, so it was definitely an all or nothing choice.

We did the usual supermarket adventures... I went with all the ingredients for a meatball soup, not exactly the beef soup I was thinking about yesterday, but it should be interesting.

We had a wander around Target after the supermarket, just as a really intense batch of rain happened... so intense you could actually hear it on the shopping centre roof, which isn't usual. And it turned out to be so intense that the roof in Target started leaking. Only in one spot as far as I noticed, but it was still pretty extreme.

When the rain had slackened off a little we headed across the road to grab a couple of other things at Coles/Woolies.

I'd noticed earlier this week that the hinge on my glasses case was on it's last legs... so I was kind of on the lookout for a new case, and when I mentioned that to Ma she pretty much detoured us into OPSM and told the woman we what we were looking for.

To my surprise the woman actually asked me if I didn't mind a generic case and then went searching through the cupboards in the store until she dug out one that was the same brand as my glasses (Ralph Lauren Polo... even though the previous case I had was just a Ralph Lauren case), and gave it to me for nothing.

So not only do I now have a new glasses case, it was also a free new glasses case, which is even better.

Coming back to the car was got a little bit caught in the rain, but by the time we got back to my place it had stopped enough to get everything unpacked and in the house.

I unpacked, put everything away, and then while Ma was reading the paper I ended up pulling everything out of the two cupboards over my stove and reorganising it all. I've been wanting to do it for weeks, since it's all a little cluttered and disorganised, but given that we really didn't have anything we wanted to rush out for and the rain kept coming down in the proverbial cats and dogs... it seemed like a good time.

I ended up consolidating the contents of a number of containers and bottles, which I may regret later when I come to use the combination of three different kinds of vinegar. It did mean that I ended up with a lot more space, not least of all because I sorted things out and reorganised everything.

Next up Ma had brought down her laptop so that we could update her iOS on her iPhone... so after some slightly facepalming, I got that happening.

Unfortunately the curse of me and iOS updates reared it's ugly head again. Not quite as badly as when I tried to update mine and ended up bricking my phone. But Ma's phone/iTunes went through all the rigmarole of updating and then quite happily told me that it couldn't find the phone. I tried again, same result. I ended up having to restore the phone from scratch, which took less time than the updating, but by the time I was finished and all Ma's apps were updating it had taken over an hour and a half.


At least she's all set now with a fully updated and functional phone and we didn't need to take a trip to the Apple store.

By the time I was finished with all of that it was pretty much 2pm, so we didn't end up doing anything with the day... we did decide to get some lunch from Perryman's Bakery.

And that was it really... possibly not a bad idea considering the weather.

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