tea flavoured saturday shopping

tea revives you
Sometimes the Universe just arranges things in the right order...

My internal clock is a little out of whack at the moment, so I didn't wake up until later than I would have liked, but I was up, showered and out the door pretty much at the same time Ma arrived. However it did mean that I forgot to pick up my wallet and take a photo of the soup recipe I wanted to make. So I had to wing it a little bit.

I ended up going with the "white soup" idea... so I got potato, swedes, parsnips, cauliflower and a couple of white onions. So, you know, white things. I might add in some corn and there will definitely be some bacon, because bacon.

So it might end up slightly chowder-like after all. I'll have to wait and see.

When we were done and got back to my place I gave Ma a present that one of the women at work had given me for her. The short version of the story that our resident Mother Hen at work also has a liking for snowmen, and she had an Olaf (from Frozen) mug... I'd asked her where she got it and she said she'd check and let me know. Then on Monday I turned up to find one wrapped in tissue paper on my desk with a note saying it was for Ma. Which was very sweet of her.

Once we were done with all the general unpacking and whatnot, Ma wanted to head into the city to visit T2, and I never object to a visit to the great land of tea... plus I had a request from Rockchick at work to pick up some tea for her.

So off we went to wander around, drink some tea and chat with the very lovely T2 girl I end up talking to every time I go in there.

It was fairly quiet, so we chatted, she made me some tea, Ma wandered around a bit, then suddenly, just as we were wrapping up a veritable flood of people appeared. It was a bit odd really, it went from literally nobody but Ma, me and the staff to a store full of people within about thirty seconds.

From there we just had a wander up the Mall. I didn't really want to spend any money, so I was happy to just follow along. Ma did want to get a little something for Mother Hen just to say thanks, and we ended up in Charlesworths to pick up some nuts and things.

Once we were done with the wandering we headed to Burger Theory for their new Burger of the Month, the Nacho Nacho Spam burger. The nacho cheese is definitely a winner!

There was only one other group of people in the restaurant, and after I'd ordered and we sat down one of their party came back from the bathroom, and I realised it was Mother Hen. Yep, the Universe decided to throw our paths together, so I got to introduce her to Ma and Ma got to say thanks and give her the nuts. So that was a nice little happenstance.

But that was pretty much it, other than a quick second visit to T2 when Ma decided to grab some more canisters.

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