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I've definitely had issues with electronic equipment this week, mostly computers and thankfully entirely at work.

I got a new work PC on Wednesday and I think I managed to add a virus to it while downloading a perfectly valid piece of software. I'm also still waiting for them to reinstall all my additional software.

Then I downloaded a file, deleted the original data and discovered the file was corrupted. I haven't finished trying to recover the data, but that'll have to wait until next week when I'm feeling more technologically capable. Thankfully it's technically nothing vital, but I'd prefer not to have lost it.

Otherwise this week has been somewhat all over the joint.

The cream of carrot and honey soup I made on Sunday was a little bit ruined by the small amount of chilli I added, as well as the black pepper. But really, I shouldn't have expected that turning a vegetable I really don't like into soup would actually improve it.

I am undecided about the culinary adventures for next week. I was thinking a chowder... I still might go in that direction, I just need to have a look at my recipes a little later. Alternatively I'm totally going to wing it. I was thinking perhaps a white soup... potatoes, parships, turnips, that sort of thing... but that could be a little dull.

Tuesday I took myself off for an unscheduled movie adventure. It was one of those times when you realise afterwards that you should have gotten your shit together and gone to the earlier session. Partly because it was later than I was expecting by the time I got home, but also because the session was fairly crowded and I also ended up having to sit next to the worst movie-goer on the face of the earth for the first twenty minutes, until I decided to move rather than strangle her to death.

Then Wednesday was Haircut Day... yay! The haircut is perhaps a touch severe, I wanted to make the shaved side thing I've been doing for the past few haircuts extend to the other side of my head a little better, and at the same time I needed to try and tame a number of annoying bits of hair that wouldn't be controlled in the style as it stood, and the only way to really do that was to come a little bit higher up at the back... it's not quite a shaved head with a long fringe, but two more haircuts doing the same thing and it would be.

And because of my hair's overwhelming desire to throw red no matter what particular colour we dye it, we made a slight tweak to the colour this time, going for something slightly more ashy. Which, interestingly enough, although it should have been lighter actually turned out darker than it has been. I don't dislike it, but neither am I totally in love with it. It is one of those colours that actually looks like it could be my natural colour though.

Otherwise Tink and I just did the random chat thing that we usually do.

Besides that there hasn't been a hell of a lot going on, work was fairly busy at the beginning of the week, but that kind of dried up to something of a trickle by the end of the week, letting me get myself all tied in electronic knots.

And I've been slogging my way through Red Dead Redepmption.

I say slogging, because it kind of is a bit of a slog... I was very much enjoying it initially and then the Mexico portion of the story opened up and I kind of realised I was going to have to do all the same sorts of things I'd already been doing all over again, plus I'm only about a third of the way through, maybe half, given that there's a third area still to be opened. Add to that the fact that very often you ride all the way from the left side of the map all the way to the right side of the map, only to have the story element you trigger when you get there take you all the way back to the other side of the map, often even further away than you started off.

What I did realise about myself in games in general is that I'm totally NOT the close combat fighter. I'm the archer, the ranger, the sniper, the long range assassin. I knew that to some degree from Assassin's Creed (it's actually one of my major complaints that there aren't more long range weapons), but it's become very clear in this game, since I essentially use the long range rifle for EVERYTHING. Sadly, it's gotten to the stage where the rifle is so powerful that if I try and use it on close range birds, rabbits or armadillos then just go POOF and disappear entirely. It was kind of hilarious the first time it happened though.

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