tenth bloggiversay shopping saturday

tenth bloggiversary
Would you believe that on this day a decade ago, I sat down at my old desktop computer in my old apartment and hammered out my first blog post.

And that first week also saw the birth of my movie reviews... although a little more casual than I try to make them now.

So to celebrate I decided to take a wander back through my photo archives and pull out an image from around the time of each bloggiversary (within about a month either way depending on photo availability).

Turned out to be an interesting collection of photos... which in turn are all connected to a blog post...
And 2015 is just a photo of one of my bookshelves that I'd never done anything with.

But given that today is also a Saturday, that means the usual shopping adventures.

Ma was getting her hair did this morning, so I had a bit of a late start... in fact I didn't even get out of bed until 8am, when I should have already been at the supermarket.

Fortunately my solo supermarket trips never take all that long, so when Ma messaged me to say she was on her way down and I had only just started shopping, I still managed to do all my shopping and get back to my place before Ma showed up. Not by much, but still.

I decided to go with a "colour" soup again, based on the original zucchini idea, so I'm trying a "green" soup... I've done that before, but never as a blended soup, so we'll have to see how that works out.

After I'd unpacked everything we headed out and since I wanted to find a heater, we decided to head out to Arndale to see what was available.

Turns out there wasn't much at the price I wanted to pay, so we ended up heading down to West Lakes to see what Target had to offer.

We also did a wander around JB HiFi and I found the third season of The Newsroom, so snapped that one up.

I did end up finding a heater at Target, but I may have made a mistake, since it doesn't blow hot air straight forward, instead it supposedly blows it out the sides of the heater... so I'll have to work out the best way to position it/use it.

That was about it really... we did stop off at the new T2 store, I picked up another box of tea, because addicted. And we had some dumplings for lunch.

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