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Holy crap it's been cold this week... like really, properly cold.

So cold in fact that I may have to look for a small heater tomorrow. I did used to have an air heater, but I think that might have been classed as "surplus to requirements" either during the move or shortly after, so I have nothing. Okay, technically my air-conditioner is reverse cycle, but that thing is about as energy efficient as dry macaroni.

Fortunately work has been warm enough, more so than I really prefer to be honest, but at least I haven't been actively cold.

Last week's Italian Meatball Soup worked out pretty damn well. While I bought the meatballs rather than making them, I did cut everything up quite finely so it was all a uniform size and there weren't just giant chunks of vegetables. However, after many, many weeks of eating blended soups it felt strange eating soup with actual stuff in it... so much so that on Monday night I experimented with running a batch, meatballs and all, through the blender. It turned out pretty good to be honest, but I ended up turning the rest of the batches into a general experiment, and blended them in batches for different lengths of time just to get a feel for it there was a preferable consistency. Not that it really mattered because by the time I'd worked out the one that I liked, I'd eaten all the soup.

I genuinely have no idea what this week's soup is going to be... possibly something zucchini related, I've seen a couple of different recipes that I like. Otherwise I'll have to go through my saved recipes (and trust me, I've saving soup recipes like they're going out of style just at the moment) and see what looks good.

Beyond trying to keep warm and the usual, work, home, sleep, rinse and repeat, there wasn't much else going on this week.

I did fall down the rabbit hole of Outside Xbox YouTube videos at some point in the last week... I don't own an Xbox, but they make great "listicle" videos related to gaming that I just got addicted to (fairly easy to do on YouTube, I admit).

Then last night, once I realised that I had the first four episodes of the latest season on Teen Wolf waiting for me to view, I had a bit of a binge watch of those. URGH, so good! And I realised last night that Teen Wolf really is the modern equivalent of Buffy... with less sass and pop culture references, but with more angst, adult themes and hot boys.

But it makes me feel about it the same way that Buffy used to make me feel back in the day.

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