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It's been a much less eventful week this week, although I don't really feel like I've been all that much more organised.

Work has continued to be work... a little less crazed than previous weeks, but ramping up a little more than the end of last week.

The soup I made last Sunday, essentially invented out of my head given the skills I've learned in the last few weeks of regular soup making, was pretty good... cauliflower, potato, swede, parsnip, bacon, cheese and corn. And there was about a million tones of it, enough to feed me for lunch all week, provide an easy dinner for Ma and I on movie night by combining one and a half containers and send half a container home with Ma.

This week may be a non-blended soup... I'm feeling beef orientated... so I may try some sort of beef/barley kind of soup. The only problem is that generally those end up being more stew than soup when I make them... or at the very least end up as stew by the end of the week. We shall see.

I had to stop off at Dick Smith this week and pick up a new pair of over-the-ear headphones. The last ones I bought, which were supposed to be better (well, they were certainly more expensive) than the previous pair didn't last anywhere near as long. They developed a break in the cord that meant having my phone in my pocket and walking caused the sound to cut in and out.

So this new pair are so much fancier than any pair I've had thus far. They also only have one cable coming from one side of the headphones, which is the first time I've actually seen that... and the cord is usually where I have trouble, between catching the cable by accident and yanking it, and getting it all twisted up on itself, that's always been my Achilles Heel with headphones. Not any more though, so that should be pretty damn useful. Plus it looks cooler, and these ones are partially red.

The trailer for Season 9 of Doctor Who dropped today... now, I'll freely admit, since Russell T Davies left the show I have cared less and less overall. But I'm still susceptible to a well made trailer. And since I work with a couple of fellow Whovians we were able to have a proper little geek-out session about it.

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