wasted weekend roundup

I honestly can't think of an interesting way to start this...

The short version is, I was sick. Not really, properly, snotty, hibernate under the bedclothes for three days sick... more that my body really just ran out of steam and essentially fell down.

Last week at work was somewhat mentally and emotionally draining, although moreso the latter rather than the former... and I think I kept my internal bowstring a little too taut for a little too long. By about Thursday I was a little wiped but didn't really think all that much of it, I just thought that I'd tweaked my knee on one leg and my ankle on the other.

Friday evening I just had no energy at all... so much so that I couldn't be bothered doing much of anything other than watching So You Think You Can Dance and then crawling into bed.

Saturday I was still pretty damn flat... we did the supermarket thing, then Ma wanted to look at stuff in Arndale, so we did that, then we took a trip to Haighs. But I had no energy and no enthusiasm... we were supposed to head to the movies, but I couldn't be bothered, and wasn't sure if I would even have been able to stay awake had we gone.

It was clear that I had no energy because I was moving pretty damn slowly for me.

Ma left shortly after lunchtime and after poking around on the laptop for about half an hour I went and got into bed. Normally if I'm coming down with something I'll drop off to sleep within a short amount of time and burn whatever it is out of me with some sleep fever. Not so much this time... I ended up tossing and turning for a good long while and then ended up futzing around with YouTube on my phone for a couple of hours.

And, brief aside, you never realise exactly how fucked up your YouTube past has been until you wander through your Likes, Favourites and History. I'm also pretty sure that when you come across a Tumblr page that has music autoplaying in the background, that that music actually comes from YouTube weirdly enough... otherwise I have no way to explain where some of those music videos come from... I almost never listen to music, particularly not on YouTube.

Anyway, I did end up napping a bit, then got up around 7pm, made the very unhealthy meal of egg and chips for dinner (I had a craving... the eggs weren't anywhere near what I had in my mind... but then I do suck at making fried eggs), tidied up a bit and headed back to bed around 9pm.

I felt better this morning when I woke up... albeit with some minor back pain from laying in bed for so long.

Yeah, I know, I'm old and broken and sad.

Otherwise though I'm mostly okay... the horrible cough I had earlier this year seems to have returned... I get the feeling every cough I get now will be some version of that cough though.

So, yeah... not the best weekend really... a bit of a waste really.

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