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the errand boy or failure and success
The image alongside this post pretty much sums up the majority of the day... lots of errands with varying degrees of success and failure.

Following up from last night though, my neighbours didn't have any noisy surprises for me at 4am... so that was nice.

I was running a little late this morning due to changing my bedding, so Ma was waiting for me downstairs when I finally made my way down.

We did the usual supermarket safari, wandered somewhat aimlessly around Target, then headed back here.

I had a few errands I wanted to run... to get some more Facial Fuel from Kiehl's, get a replacement desk fan for work and some new sneakers to make up for the fact that I bought the wrong size last time.

These should have been three straightforward errands... it didn't work out quite like that though.

We headed into the city which may very well have been our first mistake. Firstly because this is the Clipsal weekend, so going anywhere around Rundle Mall involved swimming against the current of bogans headed to the race. Because seriously, I don't care how much money you may or may not have, if you go to the Clipsal 500 wearing a team jersey and you're not actually a paid employee of the team, you're a bogan.

Anyway, first stop was Kmart to look at fans... and while they had a cheap $8 one it was bigger than I really wanted... so I figured we'd look elsewhere. Should have bought that one.

The Kiehl's trip was easy, in fact that was the one of the successes, although I always end up with sample products that I never end up using.

We wandered about a bit, looked for fans in other places with no actual luck, then gave up and headed off to Paul's Warehouse to look at sneakers.

Now, every time we've been there has been a wide variety of New Balance sneakers, even if it wasn't always easy to find ones in my size. But this time the range of sneakers was less than a dozen pairs on display, and only one table full of boxes. And of those none of them were even remotely in my size. So screw you Paul's... I hope that doesn't mean that they're no longer stocking them, but just that they were between shipments. Because that would suck.

From there we took a detour to Haighs, to stock up on some factory seconds. At least that part of the day went okay.

Next stop was Arndale to see what else I could find in the desk fan genre.

the lego movie double decker couch set
That didn't work out so well, but what I did find in Big W was the Lego set I've been looking for for a while now... The Lego Movie Double Decker Couch set...

I'd also decided that I was going to grab one of the general Lego sets, just so that I had a nicer range of new bricks to make things with if I needed something for photos, etc. Ma ended up snaffling both sets off me to use as birthday presents, since my birthday is only a couple of weeks away.

After we'd wandered around a little more and exhausted all the possible fan options, we headed down the road to the Mile End to take a look at both fans and DVD players since Ma's has given up the ghost.

Fortunately the story does have a happy ending, since we both walked out of there with our respective items... an appropriately sized fan for me, the cutest little Sony DVD player for Ma to go with her big-ass Sony TV.

So, as I often quoth from Morpheus, "what happened, happened and couldn't have happened any other way"... not completely true, I know, but it works for the purposes of the story.

Then we came back here and killed some time until it was time to go and grab some dinner and head out to our two Fringe shows tonight.

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