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Another week, another peculiar set of circumstances that somehow add up to be my life.

Although the major item didn't even happen directly to me. The apartment next to my hairdresser friend, Tink, went up in flames last weekend, and while her place is structurally okay as far as I'm aware, from the little she's told me there was a bunch of water/smoke damage, and the place is unliveable, so she and the two junior editions are living in a hotel.

This also meant that she had to cancel my haircut appointment for next Monday... which isn't even a question, of course she can't be cutting hair while in the middle of all that drama. However it did leave me in something of a dilemma, since by the time she messaged me on Tuesday I was already more than a week overdue for actually needing a haircut and entering the useless hairdo zone.

I figured that, much like the last time that Tink went AWOL on me (as a result of moving to Perth briefly I believe), I would just grab a quick haircut at one of the places in the North Adelaide Village. Which is pretty much where I found myself last night after I dropped off my dry-cleaning and grabbed some groceries. It was definitely a case of right place, right time, because about five minutes after I walked in to an empty salon it seemed to be full of people.

But it wasn't the unisex place I went to last time... this was the not quite a barber, but definitely catering to, staffed by and all around blokey place that opened about a year or so ago. And I've been there before to buy product, they have the stuff I like and on more than one occasion they've had the stuff I like along with shampoo, conditioner and shave cream in a pack for only a fraction more than the product alone and before Christmas I bought two packs. So the guy who owns it (I think) is super friendly, very jolly, but decidedly A Boy. That about sums it up really... it's very much A Boy Place, with definite capitals and all the mental baggage that comes along with.

Not that I felt uncomfortable... more like I was, I dunno, orienteering without a map or a compass I guess. Nobody I know, nobody I work with (which, to be honest, does tend to constitute the majority of people I know) is A Boy, so it's decidedly out of my wheelhouse as they say. I do think it was the right time and place for the particular hair quandary I was in though.

Probably due to the boys at work more than anything, I'd been contemplating a slightly different haircut, one with less of a blend between the short sides and the longer top... little did I know that there's actually a name for that... a disconnected undercut. Who knew?

But because these are decidedly Boy hairdressers, with decidedly Boy clients, it's a haircut they're particularly familiar with. So I was in good hands. Granted I don't have enough hair on top to really do a full on Macklemore kind of deal (although I wish I did... I fucking LOVE his hair), so it ended up being only partially disconnected in spots. It'll be interesting to see what happens when I take this haircut to Tink who knows my hair and it's behaviour a lot better, and see what she's able to do with it. I am thinking it could be made a little more extreme, given that I've got some hair that dramatically misbehaves when it's too short on the sides, so maybe we need to raise up the disconnection line and possibly leave the top longer maybe.

We'll see...

I also didn't get any reblonding... because I'd much rather Tink did that (she knows my colour and she's cheaper)... I was also interested to see what would happen if I cut all/some of the colour out. Granted I generally get annoyed with my hair when it's only a couple of inches longer than what I consider to be good haircut length, so if I stopped blonding my hair altogether, it would still take me like six months' worth of haircuts to grow it all out.

The other thing I really liked like was other than a random bit of chatting, I was spared from making general conversation due to the fact there was a lot of banter and back and forth between the two hairdressers, the other (seemingly regular) customers and some other dude who was just in there trying on clothes (they also stock some menswear, go figure). What his relationship to everyone else was, I have no idea... but it was interesting to just watch all the banter.

And like with all new haircuts it's going to take me a while to work out exactly the best style and also the best process to get that style. I do kinda wish that my hair was as thick as it used to be, because I think even if I went for the full on Macklemore style, I wouldn't ever get it looking thick and lush enough.

Such is life.

Work remains "of the crazy" this week...

Between job requests and the fact that I took a morning from my regularly scheduled insanity to construct a new version of an old spreadsheet to track feedback and a whole day to fiddle around with Google Analytics, it's been partially annoying, partly fun (because I do love a graph and a data collection... essentially I just like making data my bitch, go figure), but mostly fiddly kind of week.

But other than all that, and a gentleman caller last night which pretty much dominated my evening for a couple of hours, there's not really that much more to report.

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