hot brick saturday shopping

lego and ikea... sums up the day really
Today ended up being a fairly simple and low-key Saturday, which mostly consisted of us dashing from one air-conditioned environment to another.

For me it started as soon as I dragged my butt out of bed... I closed up the living room and put the air-con on before tidying up. I know I've mentioned it before, but as I look around my kitchen, it doesn't look THAT different than before I tidied... annoying really.

Anyway, I headed downstairs just as Ma was strolling down the driveway, so we jumped in my car and headed down to the supermarket. I was very decidedly low on everything (or at least all the major food elements), so it was something of a big haul.

Thankfully for most of the time we were running around the day was hot but overcast... which I always prefer to the blazing sun... but it was something of a shock every time we stepped out of air-conditioning into the general air.

Again, neither of us really had much need to go shopping or do a hell of a lot, but Ma was intending to make up a couple of versions of the Lego spaceman minifig artwork to give as gifts at Christmas, so we figured we might as well take a drive down to Toy Corner and pick up some supplies.

I'd already found a set of random superhero minifigs on eBay for a really good price and they arrived a couple of weeks back. Now, for all intents and purposes, they look EXACTLY like actual Lego, but I knew something was up when they arrived and both the legs and the torsos were in individual pieces instead of being in their assembled state. That and the fact that several of the figures came with guns that I knew weren't part of their original kits (Superman especially)... plus there was no Lego name on anything.

But if you don't know any of that, they look like authentic Lego products.

And there were eight of them in the set, technically enough to make two sets if we only used four in a set.

Anyway, when we got down to Toy Corner we had the usual wander around, just checking out what they had in stock, and then once the couple of family groups that were taking up space had left, I headed up to the counter to rattle off what we needed.

While we'd been waiting, Ma had seen some random minifig sets, including one with five little knights in it, so we decided that would make a good second frame set, we grabbed the two baseplates we needed, but they didn't have any in white, so we ended up with a green one for the knights and a pale grey one for the superheroes.

I grabbed a few extra plates to use in one of my minifig display cases, Ma wanted a (slightly expensive) gingerbread man fig for someone at her work, and I finally remembered to ask about getting a replacement cape for my vampire minifig.

He was one of the first two figs I ever picked up (along with the cheerleader) all the way back in 2010, and at the time I couldn't work out how the hell the cape was supposed to go on, plus I thought it looked a little stupid, so I either put it somewhere really, really, really, really safe, which I then never managed to find in all the time since, including a house move. So it's pretty much gone for good. The replacement cost me about twice the price of the original minifigure. And yes, I am kicking Past Me for making that really, really stupid decision.

So after a quick stop off at Bunnings to pick up a hook Ma needed and to have a sausage sizzle (it's fundamentally unAustralian NOT to have a charity sausage sizzle when you encounter one), we then were headed to IKEA, but essentially that meant coming most of the way back here, and since we'd forgotten to pick up the collection of dead batteries we'd both been saving up for just such a trip, detoured back here before heading off to the Land of the Meatball.

It was only a really brief visit... we went in through the registers, around to the frames area, grabbed the two frames for the Lego pieces and that was it really... short, sweet, in and out.

Then it was back here where I put together the displays for the frames, but didn't put them all together in case Ma chances her mind on the layout between now and Christmas. I should have taken photos, because they looked kind of cool, but I guess I can do that when we put them together properly at Christmas.

And we managed to do it all without getting too overheated, which was an added bonus.

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