basic summer saturday shopping

It's been a very basic Saturday... but then it's also been a fairly hot day, and Ma's foot is still giving her issues, so it was good that we didn't have anything much to do.

Plus we're about to dive head-first into Fringe, so it's probably good that we had a quiet one.

As soon as I got up this morning, I put the air-con on... I'm hoping I can just give it a rest tomorrow when the temperature is supposed to drop a bit before it gets all ick later in the week.

Anyway, I tidied up a bit, got ready and went down to meet Ma, then we headed off to the supermarket.

It was a slightly low-key shop this week, possibly because I still have a whole bunch of stuff left over from last week.

Once we were done, we headed back here and I did the usual unpacking before we headed out to Arndale. I think the original plan probably would have been to wander around a bit and then head to the movies, but it turned out that the movie we wanted to see was on in about half an hour, so we headed straight there. And, of course, because the cinema only opens at 10:15, we were there with a seeming ton of people, including a whole birthday party of little girls off to see the Barbie Princess Superhero movie.

And my usual Fringe mojo for having possibly the single more annoying people in the queue either be directly in front or behind me kicked in a little early this year, and I had to put up with two ladies of a certain age who just wouldn't shut the hell up right behind me. Of course if the cinema actually employed more than a couple of people on the desk, or if they went back to having the ticket area be a separate area to the candy bar (which was absolutely the stupidest thing they ever did, closing down the ticket windows), the line might have moved at more than a snail's pace.

Anyway, once the movie was over, we had a quick poke around Big W and then headed back to North Adelaide to get some lunch.

We ended up in Cibo, and I had my usual, the Piadina Capocollo, along with an affogato... I think I've had some version of the affogato before, but this one was fantastic, especially since I stirred it around and just generally waited until the gelati/ice cream had mostly broken down and the whole thing was a wonderfully thick consistency. Mmmmm too delish!

Then we headed back here and Ma headed on her merry way.

I would probably have ended up writing this this afternoon, but after having an episode of the English version of Who Do You Think You Are on in the background, I started poking around my family tree again, and thanks to working a little of my Google-fu, I've actually managed to trace my paternal side of the family back to 1593 (at present any way), and discover that I've got a whole branch of ancestors who came first from Canada, then New York, and then Germany and Switzerland. Which is a hell of a contrast to the maternal side where I'm pretty sure they never moved out of the same fifty square miles of England.

Funny things, family trees.

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