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rocking the fifties trolley
Today was pretty much about staying out of the heat and killing time until the Fringe show this afternoon.

Somehow it led to unexpected but not overly dramatic technological spending.

As soon as I rolled out of bed this morning I switched on the air-conditioner. I've been able to avoid having to either sleep on the living room floor or else run the air-con all night for the last couple of nights (although I think tonight I might be out of luck) but using the fan to pump cool air into the bedroom after the sun goes down, so although it was a little warm this morning, it actually wasn't too bad considering that it was already close to 30°C when I woke up around 5:30am.

Anyway, after lazing around in bed for a bit, I got up, got ready and headed downstairs to wait for Ma. Then we headed off to the supermarket for the usual trawl through the aisles. Probably because it was going to be a hot day, the place was a little more packed than usual, which only really became an issue when we hit the checkouts since they generally only have couple of registers open.

But even so we still managed to get our regular check out girly, I gave her some quick Fringe recommendations and then we headed on our way.

Once we'd stashed the groceries, I let Ma have a wander around The Red Circle Boutique while I ducked into EB Games to take a look at what they had on sale.

And I came out with Assassin's Creed: Rogue as well as an iTunes card since they were on sale also. I perhaps could have done with a smaller denomination of iTunes, since I don't tend to buy a hell of a lot of stuff, but it'll last me a good long while with any luck.

Given that the Collector's Edition of Rogue was the same price as the regular edition, and only about $10 more than the preowned edition, I went with that... to be honest the best thing about the special editions is the extra content, but this one also came with the soundtrack CD which I'm listening to now... and it's not half bad. Makes a decent background noise kind of thing... and I'm probably paying more attention to the music now that I do when I'm playing the game. I know it's there but other than the odd piece here and there I never end up noticing it all that much.

I'm going to try and hold off from starting the game until the end of Fringe... I don't know how successful I'll be, but I'll give it a red hot go.

Anyway, we then retreated back to my place, unpacked and decided to head down to Arndale to kill some time.

I also wanted to take a look in Big W for the thongs I really like, since they're the only place that has them... clearly they don't make them any more, which is disappointing since I haven't really found any that are anywhere near as comfortable. I did pick up a new set of rabbit ears for my TV since I bent one of the arms on my old aerial a week or so ago. It's also got one of those metal hoop things in the back, so hopefully it'll pick up the signal better than the old one (which is mostly great but occasionally grumbles on certain stations).

Ma wanted some over ear headphones for watching videos on her laptop, so we headed into Dick Smith to take a look at what they had. She found some decent ones and while she was waiting at the counter I took a wander around to look at random stuff and ended up, purely by accident, in the aisle with all the computer mice.

I've been using a little mini mouse for a while now, it's more precise when you're doing photo editing and easier to click things. But since I got the new laptop it's less fun because of the incredibly weird placement of all the USB ports, so half the time I run out of cord or shut the cord in the lid or knock the USB plug causing the mouse to disconnect. And there just happened to be a number of really cute mini Logitech mice that were wireless... so I finally gave in and bought one.

And because I don't trust the batteries in those things all that much, I also bought a pack of spares. I'll try and remember to switch the mouse off when I switch the laptop off, but I know I'll forget at some point.

From there we headed down to Goodwood to grab some lunch before the Fringe show at the Capri Theatre. We ended up at a place called Brown Dog Cafe... I had an affagto again, although it was nice, it wasn't quite as nice as the first one I had at Cibo, but it wasn't bad. I also had the chicken burger, which was tasty but somewhat problematic to eat.

Then we headed next door to the Capri. I haven't actually been there before, at least not that I remember... and I would have thought that I would remember given that it's a gorgeous old art deco building. A little in need of a little sprucing up here and there but it's a great venue.

And that was about it really...

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