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It only seemed fitting that this week ended in Friday 13th... not that I had any major disasters, but the week definitely had it's moments.

And I'll say this... I would much rather have a week where I'm less busy at the start of the week and it gradually ramps up through the week rather than two days of total insanity, two days of slight thumb twiddling (not really, but relatively speaking) and then a day that went from sublime to ridiculous.

I'll also admit that I had a couple of grumpies during the week, not horrendously so, but there were a couple of minor annoyances that niggled away at me. Plus I don't think the weather helped, even with my air-con and the air-con at work.

We also had yet another of our infamous morning tea celebrations this week... partly for Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday (even if we were a few days early) and partly for the February birthdays. I honestly have no idea how many pancakes I ate... but they kept cooking them and bringing them out of the kitchen and I kept shoving them in my mouth. So much so that I was essentially in a food coma for much of the afternoon.

And we've finally reached the time of the year again... Fringe has officially started and I'm off to my first show on Sunday. From there there's a pretty regular stream of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays until my birthday next month.

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