fringe: paul dabek's mischief

adelaide fringe - paul dabek's mischief
There really isn't room for the slow thinker at Paul Dabek's Mischief show. The jokes come thick and fast, and if it takes you a while to get one, three more will have gone whizzing past in the mean time.

It's magic, it's comedy, it's a master-class on working an audience and getting them to do exactly what you want and see only the things you want them to see.

If magic is all about misdirection and distraction, then Paul does that through his rapid delivery and his ability to make you laugh so that it's not so much that you've forgotten to look for how he's done the trick, it's that you never realised he was doing anything and suddenly the trick is done.

It's definitely one of those shows that you come out of and go "I have no idea how he did that", or "I know he must have done that one thing to make that work, but I was too busy laughing".

But it's honestly not about the magic itself, while some of the tricks are brilliant (like the card trick... even if it is a union requirement), it's honestly Dabek himself and his cheeky personality and quick wit that really makes the show what it is.

Dabek has taken the good stuff from his previous show, Stand Up and Be Conjured and added some new stuff, but because there's a massive amount of audience interaction, it's the kind of show that will feel different every time due to the way he interacts with the crowd.

And he's still as cute as the proverbial box of puppies, and still a massive flirt... more so with the ladies, but he'll flirt with a gentleman if the opportunity presents itself.

It's a brilliant, high energy and genuinely hilarious show. Oh and if you think sitting in the back row will prevent you from being picked out, think again.

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