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The Autumnal blog template was inspired, loosely, by two people... the first of which was Ben Teoh's experiments in Lego minifig wall art, which led to me digging out almost all my old Lego Space figs with the intention of making artwork.

And the other was the Zoom Zoom image by Powerpig aka Chris McVeigh who is simply one of the best Lego photographers around and generally a major inspiration.

There was also a little bit of, if not actual inspiration, then at least I just had Lego spacemen floating around in the back of my mind due to The Lego Movie, even though it doesn't open here in Australia for some inexplicable reason until April.

The original photo above showed off the almost full range of spaceman colours (the blue ones are missing, although I only have a couple of those), but to be honest, I just wanted to feature Lego yellow this time around... so a quick edit later and I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Next time I'm either going to have to find something from our Sydney trip in a couple of weeks, or possible do updated versions of either the accessories template or the minifig template.

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