photo friday: lego chima legend beast eagle

lego chima legend beast eagle - the boxlego chima legend beast eagle - box contents
Before we went on our Sydney trip, I bought myself the Lego Chima Legend Beast Eagle set.

It was relatively cheap, and while I liked a couple of the other sets in the range (the lion, the wolf and the gorilla... the crocodile not so much), I do have a thing for birds, so I couldn't go past this set.

lego chima legend beast eagle - minifig partslego chima legend beast eagle - eris
First up is putting together Eris, the eagle minifigure that comes with the set... she actually has a lot of pieces for a minifig... that battle axe has like five pieces, and the gold chest plate has six pieces, what with the wings.

I definitely like the transparent blue shield though.

lego chima legend beast eagle - eagle bodylego chima legend beast eagle - tail and stickers
The build isn't too complicated... first up you put the eagle body together... it's halfway between a animal body and a vehicle when you start, but it is designed to carry the minifig, so that makes sense.

I kind of wish that the pieces had been printed rather than being stickers... I can understand why they're not, although you would think that there were enough pieces in the Chima range to justify printed designs. The stickers on the white pieces do have a transparent background though, so at least they won't yellow.

lego chima legend beast eagle - the eagle headlego chima legend beast eagle - talons
The eagle eyes are printed pieces though, which is a little weird... and the set comes with three eyes, you know, in case you lose one or you want to make a three eyed eagle or something.

I love the talons... I could easily see the same parts being used to make clawed hands, and there is a good range of articulation in the legs, from where they meet the body, the ankles and then the toes themselves.

lego chima legend beast eagle - nearly therelego chima legend beast eagle - perching proud
Once the legs have been attached, all that's left are the wings, in a very similar arrangement to the talons to be honest, which gives them a nice range of articulation.

The thing I really love is the feet curl nicely so the eagle can sit on the edge of my bookcase shelf, and it balances well.

In unrelated news, this week feels like it's pretty much gotten away from me, partly because it took so long to do all my photo processing and finish up the blog posts. So I haven't really done much this week.

I did have some visitors today though... Ma, La Cousina and Miss Oh all came by for a visit so they could see my apartment. They stuck around for a couple of hours, we talked about everything and nothing really, and then they headed off.

It was a nice visit though, even though my apartment isn't really set up for more than one visitor at a time.

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