monster supermarket shopping saturday

bit of a monster shopping excursion
The supermarket portion of today's shopping expedition was a bit of a monster...

Not really surprising given the fact that I didn't do a very big shop before we left for Sydney and I only picked up a few essentials to see me through the week once we got back.

And Ma and I seem to have a Vulcan mind-meld going on of late regarding her arrival... today was the latest instance of me coming downstairs only to find that Ma was already here... it happened the weekend before we went away, it happened when she picked me up on the way to the airport and it happened again this morning. And it's not like I know she's down there, I'm just heading out to wait for her... and there she is. Weird.

It also felt a little weird doing the regular supermarket thing, given the fact that last Saturday was so very different, and much more glamorous.

We also managed to fill up the little basket trolley until we couldn't fit a single thing more in. In fact, between the two of us we filled the top basket with fruit and veg and meat.

I always love it when whichever check out chick/dude we get knows exactly now to pack a shopping bag... young Jordan definitely fit the bill with that... and it always makes it so much easier.

Even so it took forever to unpack and put everything away once we got back to my place because I'd needed to much stuff. But at least now both my cupboards and and fridge are filled up.

Once I'd finished filling the cupboards we headed out to Arndale with no real agenda, and really all we ended up going was the usual circuit of the shopping centre.

From there we headed into the city... again, with no real agenda beyond calling into Espionage Gallery at some stage to take a look at the exhibition I missed the opening for last Friday.

After wandering down to Myer and having a look around, we stopped off at the City Library so I could show Ma around. From there we went downstairs into the Rundle Place food court for some beverage and something to eat.

I'm still not sure if the yum cha place was a good idea or a bad one... it was bad given the amount of time it took for us to actually get the dumplings we ordered (a good ten minutes or so), although they were freshly cooked (fresh, frozen, I'm not completely sure) and piping hot when we finally got them. They weren't as interesting as the dumplings we had from the place in Sydney, which isn't really surprising, so it was all a bit of a mixed bag really.

When we finally finished eating we headed up to Espionage where we chatted with Josh for a good long while... it may have been over an hour, I'm honestly not sure. We chatted about his upcoming solo exhibition... and the work is amazing, he's put so much thought and so much effort into it.

From there we headed back to my place after a quick detour to the North Adelaide Village for a couple of other bits and pieces.

So, yeah... it's all been very much back to the normal routine... for better or worse.

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