fringe: the kransky sisters - piece of cake

adelaide fringe: the kransky's sisters piece of cake
And so our 2014 Fringe experience comes to an end not with a whimper or a bang, but instead with a selection of songs by The Kransky Sisters from Esk in Queensland.

In 2010 I went to see the Mourne, Eve and Dawn for the first time and declared that if they returned I had to go again and take Ma.

I have a feeling that even though the show then was called Three Bags Full and this one was Piece of Cake, it's essentially the same formula with some variations to the songs and some of the banter...

But it works for them, so I'm okay with that... plus it's been four years since I've seen them, so I only remember the previous show in fairly broad brushstrokes.

They're still as droll and gothic and funny and creepy as I remember... and Mourne is still my favourite.

And I may be a little slow but it only dawned on me that their names come from times of day... it used to be morning (Mourne), afternoon (Arva) and evening (Eve)... then Arva left and was replaced by Dawn. I really have no idea why I never noticed that before.

Anyway... their renditions of famous songs are always wonderful... with their often deadpan delivery and their collection of odd instruments (an old 60’s reed keyboard, guitar, musical-saw, tuba, and a cooking pot), not to mention that these ladies can sing up a storm. This time around they covered M's Pop Musik, Beyonce's Single Ladies, Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, Black Box's Ride On Time, Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall amongst others.

The funniest part of the show was when Mourne and Eve headed off into the audience to find some gentlemen to assist with the celebration of Dawn's birthday... they dragged two guys up, one of whom, Achmed (which may or may not have been his real name) was a total live wire... he got into the whole thing, especially after they dressed him and his fellow audience member, Cameron, up in Kransky drag to assist with one of their songs. Achmed was having a whale of a time, and it was hilarious to watch.

As was Mourne's reaction when he kissed her on the cheek afterwards.

All in all it was the pitch perfect note to leave the 2014 Fringe on... musical, funny and a little bit odd.

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