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There really is a long history of British boy bands baring their arses for various reasons (or is that just in my head... I know Take That did it in an early video), and it's nice to see that the tradition continues to this day... which is why it's this week's Random Hotness.

These strapping young gentlemen are Kingsland Road, contestants on Britain's X-Factor... but individually they're JJ Thompson (22), Jay Scott (19), Josh Zare (20), Joe ‘Connor’ Conaboy (19) and Matt Cahill (23).

I have no idea what their music sounds like or what they're personalities are like... but I do like these photos from Gay Times, particularly the use of Aussiebum underwear (and bonus points for getting them into jockstraps).

As is usually the case with boy bands, I do like the blonde (Connor) and the one with the most tattoos (Matt), although JJ does fill out a pair of undies very nicely.

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