fringe: adam richard's gaypocalypse

adelaide fringe: adam richard's gaypocalypse
Let's start this review off with an admission... I'm a big fan of Adam Richard. I laughed my ass off during two previous shows, Driven and Talking Poofy, as well as receiving questionable looks on public transport while shaking with laughter listening to the audio version of the Talking Poofy Poofcast on my way to work.

So it was something of a no brainer to head off to see Adam's return to the Fringe in Gaypocalypse. And perhaps I had some very high expectations about laughing my head off for an hour straight.

It was the preview show for the run, so while not the absolute first airing for the show as a whole, it's all still a little raw and new and Adam clearly hasn't settled into the material as he naturally will once he's done it a couple of dozen more times. But there are some spots where the show feels like it loses all the momentum it's built up and became a teeny bit dour.

That may be in part due to the material... while there are parts that are hysterically funny, there's a lot of talk of death and politics and boat people that's handled seriously with only the occasional joke thrown in.

While it's not like it's a side of Adam I haven't encountered before... between all the rimming and glitter jokes in the Poofcast there were more than a few instances of serious conversations about serious issues. But it wasn't perhaps what I was expecting from this particular comedy show.

I don't tend to talk politics much, but while I didn't disagree with anything he said regarding letting The Gays get married and the particular government we have at the moment, it was just perhaps a little more political and earnest than I really like my comedy.

But like I mentioned, it's early days for the show and there were sections that were incredibly funny. It's also just possible that this isn't the Adam Richard show that's up my particular alley... and that's okay too.

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