photo friday: street pink

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I'm not sure if it's especially good or bad that if I just wait long enough, certain things tend to come around again. We'll just have to see what actually eventuates... and this can sit here as a cryptic little reminder.

We're officially in the home stretch for our Fringe viewing for this year... because we're off to Sydney for my birthday, we don't actually have anything scheduled for the last week of the Fringe, so next week it it for this year.

It's been a pretty good run overall though, which is always a bonus.

We visited the Royal Croquet Club in the newly renovated Victoria Square... and both the Square and the addition of the RCC over the top are quite impressive. Although I was surprised by how few actual Fringe venues there were given the size of the place... and my ongoing belief that all public amplification can be cut by half without losing anything holds here as well... they had a random guy just playing some elevator musak, but the volume was so loud that it was hard to hear yourself think, let alone be able to hold a conversation or order food from the vendor down that end.

They also have a nice variety of food on offer, not only are there a number of the food trucks camped out there for the duration, but there's also a pretty nice Japanese place which is where we went for some food.

I got a little inspired after Ma brought down a spare Ribba frame she had laying around... I had a look at what I had lying around and nothing quite worked, so I set about making my own typographic piece using the text from Dr Seuss's Oh The Places You'll Go... and it looks pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. I think it'll make a good present for new babies or whatnot too, so I think it'll be making a reappearance at some point.

I think that I'm going to pair that with the two Bulbasaur images I have, since they all feature similar green, over the small bookcase and move the "gallery wall" over to the spot by the fridge... It's a big open space that I really have no idea what to do with (beyond finding something to keep my vacuum cleaner and steam mop in), since the dining table doesn't take up that much space. But that may have to wait until I've sorted out a few other bits and pieces in that area first.

I took a trip to the hospital to get my splint fixed after the velcro pad on the palm came off last week. It was a really easy fix and I was in and out of there in about ten minutes... the cute guy who looked after me said that I was the easiest patient all day, which is good.

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