yay for decisions saturday shopping

shopping and cars... not shopping for cars
Not really a hugely exciting day...

Because I needed to drop the car in at the mechanic again I was left to my own devices, which would have been fine had I not been distracted by my iPhone and then remembered that I needed to change my bedding (which I only remembered as I was making the bed)... so I think I had the quickest shower ever and still made it down to the garage without being hideously late.

We did a fairly light supermarket shop, and I must remember that just because that particular check-out boy is ridiculously good looking it doesn't mean that he can pack a bag to save his life.

And speaking of things that are ridiculous, it took me three supermarkets before I found a new shaving mirror to replace my old one... either I was looking in all the wrong places or they just didn't have any.

After we came back here and wasted some time waiting to see if the mechanic was going to call we decided to head out to Arndale because after much indecision Ma had finally decided to get herself a new Sodastream... mostly so that she can make her own tonic water, but yay for decisions.

So we looked in Big W, couldn't see any, wandered around the rest of Arndale like we usually do, then I had the bright idea to actually look up Sodastream stockists on my phone... turns out Big W is on the list... so back we went.

Turns out they keep them in the "food" section, not the "appliance" section... who knew!

Fortunately we didn't need to come up with a new plan for what to do after that because just as we were getting in the car the mechanic called me to tell me that the car was ready.

And since we didn't really need to go anywhere else or do anything else we pretty much called it quits.

Oh, but we did (kind of) settle on dates for the Sydney trip in April... it'll be around either the third or fourth weekend... Yay for decisions.

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