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Well, this Saturday wasn't as interesting as last week... but I think I had enough of an "interesting" weekend last week.

Because I needed to drop my car off at the mechanic so they could fix my rear vision mirror I met Ma at the supermarket.

Shopping turned out to be slightly speedier than usual given the fact that they were doing stocktake... so the aisles were littered with random teenagers counting things.

After the usual shopping escapades, we came back here and I told Ma the long and involved story of why I have a new toilet before the mechanic called me to tell me that my rear vision mirror was screwed (specifically the screw was screwed) and that since he couldn't get a new one today it would be another week before they could fix it.

So not the worst new ever, but about par for the course at present.

Ma drove me down to pick up my car and I actually managed to beat her back to my place (only just though).

Then we went into the city... mostly because we didn't really have anything else we wanted to do. There was talk of going to the movies, but it was a matter of the right thing not being on at the right place at the right time.

So instead we kind of just did a wander along Rundle Street and Rundle Mall.

Ma wanted to check out some books at Dymocks, and on a complete whim I decided to buy the giant Lego brick storage box from Myer. It actually turns out that as big as the box looks, it's perhaps not as deep as I was expecting, so I'm going to have to have another go at putting all the stuff from the two storage containers I was hoping to replace it with.

We also had a poke around in a number of places for a new backpack for Ma. You would think that this would be the perfect time of year for it, but none of the ones we found was quite right for what she wanted, they were all either too big or too small. Or just plain ugly.

We ended up in Crumpler which is always fun because their staff are usually very friendly and a little bit starved for company. The down side is that Crumpler seem to be going through a really ugly design phase just currently... I think they're trying to appeal to a more "lifestyle" market with thinner material in more pastel colours which is so completely not what Crumpler should be, at least to me.

So while we didn't buy anything, Ma did see a bag she liked and we got a lead to check out Crumpler's clearance stores next time we're in Sydney or Melbourne.

Then we wandered back to the car.

When I walk home in the afternoon I go past the second hand store by the Cathedral and earlier this week they had a grey and pink kimono in the window, so I asked Ma if she wanted to check it out on the way back to my place.

It turned out to be entirely to long for Ma (she's becoming more and more of a shortass the older she gets) but it was grey and a kimono and it fit her, so she bought it anyway.

And other than a quick stop at the North Adelaide Village, that was pretty much our day.

Oh, and the Fringe is definitely on it's way... they're busy building the Garden of Unearthly Delights as we speak... woohoo!

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