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neon netsbay street art wall

round holeswool wrap

Well, it's finally here... this is the last "normal" week for the next month. As of tomorrow my 2013 Adelaide Fringe adventures begin.

It's weird, it feels like forever ago that I bought the tickets, yet at the same time the time has come around really fast. So over the next 30 days I'll be seeing 20 different shows, starting with the divine Le Gateau Chocolat.

To ensure that I'm looking my best for all my Fringe activities I went to see Tink for a cut and colour.

Which I suddenly realise makes me sound like I'm about 105.

And also because it was V-Day I took her the traditional V-Day offerings, chocolate and reality TV drag queens.

But as usual Tink and I did lots and lots and lots and lots of talking. In fact I ended up being there for three and a half hours, and I'm pretty sure my hair only take about two hours.

I did say to Tink at one point that we do tend to cover a wide range of topics. I think we covered the aforementioned drag queens, the Fringe, the interconnectedness of young people today, psychotic 1D and Bieber fangirls, horders, the Harlem Shake and other YouTube viral crazes, hot young heavy metal bands who take naked photos of each other and what I actually do for work.

It's always pleasant going to hang out with Tink though... and doubly so given that she has really great air-conditioning given the yesterday was overly warm.

The rest of the week has been a bit neither here nor there... I'd kind of planned to go out to the movies on Tuesday, but I really couldn't be bothered by the time I got home.

But then there really will be enough trips out and about for the next month...

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