another pre fringe saturday shopping

some passing ink and a great ass at my supermarket
This week was quite a bit like last week in that we had a whole day to fill in before a Fringe show.

I can't say that it was as successful as last week though... although we did manage to waste some time.

We didn't really rush anything... we did a lot of wandering around at the supermarket and then at Target afterwards before coming back here.

Since the weather was on the hot side again we wanted somewhere with a fair number of shops and that was air-conditioned... but we'd already done Marion.

So we settled on Tea Tree Plaza... and I have to say, there are far more bogans per square foot there than at Marion... or maybe there are just far, far, far less hot dudes.

Either way it wasn't much of an excursion, but it did fill some time in.

Although I was kind of annoyed that while both Myer and Target had Lego sets at 20% off, the only set I'm currently interested in wasn't in either store. Not that I really need it, and not that I would necessarily have ended up buying it... but it would have been nice to have the option.

After we'd grabbed some lunch we headed back to my place and kinda sat around doing not very much and watching old episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine until it was time to go to the Fringe show.

More on that shortly, but it will soon become apparent why we both came out of the show irritated and I think I ranted all the way down the street until we got to Chuckwagon 175 for dinner.

When we arrived the guy behind the counter made us feel very welcome, although we were the only people in the place at the time, and while it has a somewhat unfinished feel, it's got a nice atmosphere.

And the food was pretty good... I'm not going to say it was great, it's probably the third best burger I've had this week behind Burger Theory and Well Hung and Tender, although it did fall apart a bit... and I shouldn't have gone for the one with avocado, I was expecting something like Burger Theory's Shizzle Burger from the Art Burger series... and it wasn't that at all.

But the Portabello chips are really nice, and I haven't had onion rings like that since Ma used to make them when I was a kid.

So not perfect, but worth another go.

And now I'm half watching Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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