fringe: another point of view

another point of view
Another Point Of View by After Dark Theatre wasn't quite was I was expecting... I guess I was expecting something a little darker, something with a little bit more of a story perhaps.

What I got was something fairly quirky and more comedic than I expected.

Don't get me wrong, it was circus/physical theatre performed really well, and it wasn't a bad show by any means but I've seen a number of shows in this genre that captured my attention more than this did.

And I don't know if it was because it was two female performers (which I knew going in) or not, but there seemed to be more posing than I like in my circus shows... although maybe that just says more about me than the show.

It was a little slow in spots too... or maybe it just felt that way because certain things went on a touch too long.

Of the two performers I think maybe the blonde was the better all round performer, although the brunette was certainly talented.

To be honest I'm feeling somewhat ambivalent about this show... it was neither horribly bad, nor was it amazingly good... it was somewhere in the middle.

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