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wolfpack productions dungeons and improvisation adventure show
You never quite know what you're going to get with a improvisation show... especially one that bills itself as "an improvisation show inspired by 'Dungeons and Dragons' using dice and audience suggestions to detail a journey of a hero fighting against a villain to save the land from tyranny".

And what you would get from the Dungeons and Improvisation Adventure Show would depend very much on what you and your fellow audience members put in.


Before the show we were asked to write down a name, a creature and an object on three pieces of paper and place them into the trifurcated box on the edge of the stage.

Then these slips of paper are selected by Joshua the lovely and mischievous facilitator who uses them for every character, prop, twist and turn of the story.

My personal contributions were "Jo-Jo the Dog Faced Boy" (it's mentioned in an episode of Buffy and was the first thing to come into my head), a pygmy owl (for Owlgirl at work) and a pair of magical underpants (because, underpants!). Sadly only the underpants were actually selected during the show.

What we did end up with was a half invisible shower monster called Captain Sparkle, an elephant called Lady Garden, a singer called Shaniqua-Neigh-Na, a hippogriff called Argyle, an eyeball, a harpsicord, a wizard's key, a dude called Sir Richard Longshaft III, a fairy queen/golem, the power of Freddy Mercury and a gnome called John Howard.

It was that kind of evening.

I couldn't really even tell you what happened... there was something about a gnome constructed airship and some sort of plot that I was never completely clear about to make hippogriff the only viable form of air travel or possibly putting on a magic show, an elephant that didn't like being called fat who was either the daughter of a fairy queen or a deluded golem depending on who you listened to, a really nasty ethereal creature and a joke about golden showers...

I think it was Craig who was portraying the half invisible shower monster, Captain Sparkle who totally won the show though... his character got more and more perverse and consumed by a cavalcade of physical ticks as the show progressed, but all he would need to do was come on stage and roll one eye around while licking the side of his mouth and the crowd, myself included, were in fits of laughter. He truly was brilliant... and he supposedly had only just woken up and really didn't want to be a main character tonight.

I'm so glad he was though.

The other stand out was, I think (again, I can't remember the performers real names and most of them don't look anything like their photos in the program), Curtis, as the Machiavellian hippogriff.

Sure there were some points at which the story came off the rails, and some of the performers were better at improvising their way out of seemingly impossible scenarios than others, but all in all I had a great time and laughed a lot.

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