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This week has been brought to you by the letter F for Fringe shows, by the letter S for sleep deprivation, by the letter T for travel plans and by the letter U for unexpected sexual encounter.

Fortunately tonight is a Fringe-free night given that I've seen four shows in the last three days and for two of those days I didn't get to bed much before 1am. Actually I think from Saturday to Wednesday I only managed to get to bed after midnight. Granted Wednesday night was entirely my own fault (see also, the letter U).

But I'm currently 30% of the way through my list of Fringe shows, although I'm really tempted to squeeze in a visit to see one of Sound and Fury's other shows "Testaclese & Ye Sack of Rome" since I had so much fun at Dirty Fairy Tales, but we'll have to see how I feel.

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I do have a tendency to forget from year to year that one of the greatest strengths of the Fringe, that it brings people out into the city to enjoy a wide range of entertainment, is also one of the downsides for me... because you get a whole lot of people that you would never normally cross paths with out in the world, and then you add alcohol to that mix.

It's not everyone, but there's usually one group at anything I go to that just makes me roll my eyes and go "really?". And that's just the people going to the same shows as me, there's the random people who drink too much at the Garden of Unearthly Delights on top of that (although mostly I avoid the Garden as much as possible later in the evenings and on weekends).

Urgh... people.

koi swarm, darling harbour
But other than other people, I'm having a great time at the Fringe. I also seem to be the go to person for people to ask Fringe show advice of as soon as I tell them that I'm going to 20 shows. Yes, I'm going to a lot of things, but that doesn't mean that anything that I think is good will be the same as what you think is good.

The people I work with asked me for some recommendations before the Fringe started (and I'm giving Rockchick updates the day after on what's good and what's not), but one of the randoms in the crowd last Saturday asked me for tips, and one of the guys from the Burger Theory truck (I think he's new, or I just haven't seen him previously) asked me on Wednesday night. At present I'm directing people to Dirty Fairy Tales, Knock Off and the show that I saw previously by Gravity and Other Myths.

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The beginning of this week was also about travel plans. At last Ma and I are heading back to Sydney in April... yaaaay! We've booked rooms in a somewhat fancier hotel which Ma managed to get for a much cheaper price even than what I remember being on the website (or at least, not the price that I was looking at). And it's only down the road and around the corner from the place we've stayed previously, which means it's pretty centrally located.

I also did a somewhat random Google search for "sydney april" on Monday and discovered that they're playing the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Curse of the Black Pearl at the Opera House with a full orchestra conducted by Richard Kaufman. And since Ma hasn't been to the Opera House other than the tour we did on our first trip (and I've only been to the Drama Theatre), and it's only on for two performances, both of which are while we're in Sydney, it very much seemed to be destiny.

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This time around I want to get out of the Sydney CBD a little more (they'll be a day of that though, we need to go to all the stores we always go to in Sydney)... I've been meaning to check out Newtown the last couple of trips, and we definitely want to go to the Crumpler clearance store which just happens to be in Newtown. And I want to check out the Mays Lane Project (or if it's not an actual project anymore, then at least go and check out all of the graffiti) which isn't that far away from Newtown.

Maybe this time we'll do Manly instead of Bondi, so we can ride the ferry around instead of Bondi because it involves a ferry ride as opposed to a bus ride. And of course we need to do the Rocks Market on Friday/Saturday.

So any advice on places to go and things to do in either Newtown or Manly is gratefully accepted.

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It also appears that 2013 may very well be the year when I finally have sex with all those guys who I've been playing internet chat ping-pong with for years and years. It'd already happened twice so far this year (one more successfully than the other) and then on Wednesday night I was playing ping-pong with one guy but had a message pop up for a guy I've been talking to every now and again since April 2011 on another app and the next thing I know he's standing in my bathroom doorway (thankfully I'd unlocked the door and he came right in).

Was it great sex... well it's not making it into the top ten (although he's probably amongst the top ten of guys with great bodies that I've ever had sex with), partially I think because it was late, I was tired and weirdly, because he did just arrive before I was expecting him and it didn't quite feel really real. Plus there's always the issue that guys who aren't good kissers or who aren't interested in kissing don't rev my motor, to coin a phrase.

predator, taronga zoo
And then the guys that I'd really love to get together with again are pretty much always the ones who completely disappear, whereas the ones I'm either ambivalent about or not interested in are the ones who tend to keep coming back. Case in point, Best Sex Of My Life Guy... saw him online for the first time in forever, messaged him, no response. Typical.

I feel like I'm suddenly sharing a lot of stuff about my sex life on the blog all of a sudden... maybe it's because I finally have one again... maybe 2013 is also the year of sexual escapade sharing... or possibly just means that I'll be having more sex.

We can only hope.

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