photo friday: pooches

beach dog walking french litter
Blogger was "currently unavailable" when I wrote this (annoying, but it's the first time in at least two years it's been particularly problematic)... so I resorted to my old friend Notepad, but hopefully I'll get a chance to post it some time tonight (or, as it turns out, tomorrow afternoon).

It's been a very long and somewhat frustrating week... and I was very glad to get to the end of it. Lots of last minute stuff that I didn't really want to be doing, some meetings which seemed to consist of going through information I'd previously emailed to people, and people changing their minds seemingly just for the sake of being contrary... very, very glad to get to the end of it.

Although that was before I was sitting on the bus and suddenly realised that I'd left $30 worth of Haighs products sitting on my desk at work. D'oh! It was my own fault... normally I would have left the Haighs bag in front of my Crumpler bag or put it the chocolate directly into my bag... and today I didn't.

I also finally got my red and white scarf from Jazz yesterday... it's long and stripey and soft and somewhere between Doctor Who and Where's Wally. I'm such a scarf whore now... that's three new scarfs this year... added to the six I already have.

Originally I'd planned to use the red and white scarf as today's photo, but I just couldn't get a photo that was interesting enough.

So instead I went with pooches, partly inspired by the fact that I called into one of the pet stores in the city at lunch today to look at the puppies and the kitties... I thoroughly recommend it as a general Friday tonic, especially when they've got puppies out of the tiny plastic cages and in a playpen in the middle of the store... daaaaawwwwwww!

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