photo friday: k1 and k2

gary seaman dunnys - k1 and k2Dot pointerly Friday...
  • The photo is the Gary Seaman Dunnys I bought from the Paper String Plastic gallery at the beginning of the month... and since they have a lack of name or title, I've taken to calling them K1 and K2 because of the keys on their ears
  • I dropped in to pick them up at lunch, ended up staying for ages and ages
  • Picked up a couple of the Burger Theory cookies on the way back to work
  • Finally met Trainer Boy who took over from Trainer Girl at the gym yesterday... he's too fucking young and pretty and helpful and earnest for words... kill me now
  • I predict this is going to be a very "soup" orientated Winter... we haven't even officially hit Winter yet and I've made at least half a dozen batches of soup
  • Unfortunately my boredom threshold for batches of soup is about two days... but I think putting dumplings/ravioli in on the second or third day might help
  • Also since making soup this week, my house smells of garlic
  • Since the chocolate goat's milk ice cream from last week was so tasty, I'm trying their green tea flavour
  • And just to round out the food theme... I just realised that although I bought all the toppings to make pizza tonight, I neglected to actually get a pizza base... fuckitty... thankfully there's a sheet of puff pastry in the freezer... I'll improvise
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