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Today was both fairly typical and a little bit atypical...

The Saturday Routine was followed like always, other than the fact that I did it on my own and in a fairly short period of time because Ma was off getting her hair did.

It always goes faster when I go by myself... I just stick my earphones in and whizz around the supermarket... slightly less fun though.

When I got back I had a sudden craving to watch one of my Margaret Cho DVDs, so I fired it up while I was unpacking and reading the paper. I got nearly all the way through it before Ma got down here, and then we sat around for a little while, so it was about 11am by the time we headed back out.

And as seems to be fairly typical for us for the last seven weeks, we headed into the city (I swear, next week we're going down to Marion or something), with the general intention of hitting the Samstag Museum of Art and some of the street art I saw last Sunday.

The street art was easy, but unfortunately Samstag doesn't open until 2pm on Saturdays, so after we wandered around the University grounds for snapping pics of the architecture for a while, then went back to the car and headed over to the Mall for a while.

Remember how for the last several weeks I've categorically sworn that this is absolutely the VERY LAST TIME I'm going into Borders?

Yeah, well today was absolutely and utterly the LAST TIME... especially given that the store closes by Friday and I think I've now looked at every single book left on the shelves and picked out the few things that should have come to $179.88 but instead came in at $53.96... Score!

But I'm glad that they're closing at the end of the week... it's been something of a painful process, and every time I go in the part of me that loves bookstores battles with the part of me that loves bargains... one is very happy and the other is fairly depressed. I do wonder if they're going to get down to 95% off everything by the end of the week... or just have staff standing out the front handing books to people as they walk past... it definitely seems to be one of those "everything must go" deals... and even then they're going to have stuff left... they have so many copies of certain shitty books and DVDs I don't even think they'd be able to give them away.

By the time we stopped off to get something to drink and eat it was past 2pm, so we headed back down to the west end of the city and snagged a park right outside the Samstag Museum of Art.

The reason for the trip was the May's Lane Street Art Project exhibition... large scale pieces of work from street artists who have placed their work on May's Lane. Some great pieces... but I kinda wish there had been more of them! However it's always good to see street art come off the streets and into the galleries... especially the Samstag... it's a gorgeous venue.

We also went upstairs to look at a photography exhibition... and the less said about that the better...

So that was it really...

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