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This week was fairly busy all things considered.

Sunday I had two Fringe shows, not quite back-to-back, but close enough together that I just hung around in the city between them. And then I went and misbehaved for a while afterwards, which was nice, since it's been a while.

Then Monday was DnD, which wasn't perhaps as bad as last week's game... although the more I play the more that either Munchkinism (in the less pejorative sense) or Min-Maxing bothers me. I mean I get the idea of putting together a character who does the very best they can, but those people who don't really have a character with a personality, they're just a collection of stats, tricks and a massive amount of damage... that bugs me. Suffice to say there was one of those players in the game on Monday.

Also, those people who barely pay attention to what's going on until it's their turn bug me too. I mean why are you even playing the game if you're not interested in the game.

But anyway... nerd related whinge over.

Tuesday was Haircut Night... and the first time I've driven up to Tink's place in the hills in the evening... which wasn't too bad, all things considered. The haircut was the same old same old, this time was a colour as well... perhaps not quite as silvery as previous attempts, but still good.

Wednesday was also DnD, where my character who is trapped in Barovia got her finger bitten off by a werewolf. This is the same character who has also accidentally been turned into a werewolf (temporarily), died and been resurrected with the Dark Gift of an upside down male face on the back of her head, magically aged 20 years (not so bad for a dwarf who was essentially in their version of her 20's)  and had a streak of white appear in her hair (I could have made it all of her hair, but this suits her aesthetic better). I mean it's not the worst Barovian experience I've seen or heard about, but she's definitely been through the most trauma of all my characters.

Yeah, creative storytelling...

Then after DnD, Ma and I had a Fringe show, so we went to dinner at the Empress Restaurant around the corner from my place. I've been meaning to go there since it opened just after I moved here, but never got around to it... which turns out to have been a mistake since it's really, really, really good.

Thursday was more DnD... and I had been intending to check with my regular group to see what we were doing, but I figured they were all big enough and ugly enough to make their own decisions... which of course didn't happen. And so I ended up running. Because of course I did. I mean I didn't mind, and I did put the module in my bag before I left the house because I had a feeling. And I got to run for someone who I think of as a great DM, and who has DMed for us a lot in the past, so that was nice. Plus I'm in love with more than a few of his characters, and this was a new one that was no exception.

Friday was mostly a whole lot of nothing, but I did have my chiro appointment in the afternoon... which was a bit of a pain just because the weather is a bit rubbish (ie too damn hot again) at present.

Today has been... actually not terribly exciting overall to be honest... but we did have two Fringe shows, including a midday maintee.

This morning was a little bit of a blah shopping expedition... neither of us really bought a whole bunch, which isn't really surprising given the amount we've been out and about of late.

Before the first show, we had a bit of a pointless wander around town, saw the show, grabbed some lunch and came back to the car only to discover that the car park fee had accumulated up to $30... which, can I just say, is a big case of fuck the fuck off.

Then we came back here to kill some time in the air-conditioned comfort of my place (after a brief stop off at Haighs to get our Easter shopping sorted) until it was time to go to dinner before the second show. I mean dinner was a complete disaster and we should have gone back to Empress instead of the incredibly crappy place we ended up instead.

There was also a bit of drama during the show when a woman was taken ill towards the end and the show was stopped and we all went outside while the ambulance came, but the performer was able to finish her show eventually for those of us who were left.

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