fringe: circus'cision

adelaide fringe: circus'cision by head first acrobats
Circus'cision is what happens when the boys from Elixir invite their friends to come and play...

And because it's a rotating cast depending on the day, the show I saw may not be the show you see. With the exception of the Elixir boys, Cal Harris (acting as the MC), Thomas Gorham and Rowan Thomas.

Oh, and when Harris asks the audience if anybody needs a cuddle during his opening spiel I'm never NOT going to put my hand up. The audience seemed amused and I got a hug from one of my favourite circus performers, so everybody wins.

But back to the show.

Tonight's line up started with Chelsea Angell and some beautiful work on the hula hoops... not to mention excellent music choices and a sassy attitude.

Next up was Paul Dabek who we've seen a couple of times before with a brief magic/comedy act that I think just whizzed over a few people's heads. I think I've said before that he sets the speed of his show at about 100 miles per hour and it's either get on board or get run over.

Then Harris and Gorham did a slightly sexy, slightly disturbing take on season 1 of Game of Thrones... which was one of those moments when I kind of wished I'd sat at the front of the stage rather than the side.

Next up (and I know I'm probably screwing the order up at some point) was a female juggler whose name I unfortunately didn't catch, but she was very good... more of a bouncing juggler than a throwing juggler, but damn she was fast.

After that I think Harris came out and did something weird and a little bit gross, but still interesting with a balloon.

From there it was a gentleman by the name of Squid with acute hypermobility, who proceeded to pass his whole body through the stringless head of a tennis racket. He reminded me of Captain Frodo from La Soiree to be honest, although I suppose there are only so many ways to contort yourself through a racket.

Then finishing up was Thomas and his cyr wheel. I know I've mentioned this about 100 times before, but I honestly think that the cyr wheel is the sexiest of all the circus equipment (as well as the most potentially lethal)... and the fact that Thomas proceeded to strip (to, of course, You Can Leave Your Hat On) while using the wheel certainly didn't hurt.

He also humped my head very briefly at one point... not the first time that's ever happened during a Fringe show, to be honest, I can think of at least three times of the top of my head, even though one of those was a puppet.

And as promised on the poster, there is a brief moment of full frontal nudity when Thomas flashes the audience before disappearing back stage. Maybe some days or in some places there's a little more skin, and I won't lie that I was hoping for a little more, but it was still a fun show.

yani's rating: 3 balloon animals out of 5

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