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Okay... so not really your usual week (or my usual week for that matter) this week.

Monday was a public holiday... which of course means both diddly and squat to me right at the moment. DnD was still on on Monday night, which I kind of didn't expect, and it seemed like a bunch of shops were open, so, weird, but sure okay.

We had a very young, first time Adventurers League DM (he'd obviously been running for quite a while, just not for AL), who was fairly impressive overall. I mean his miniatures and terrain were definitely more than I've ever seen for an AL game ever, but very cool. The only downside was he had to leave before we finished the module, so that's a bit of a pain.

I mean there was also the fact that we were originally going to be a small (and good) party of 3, and that would have been good... but then we ended up with 3 other players, a couple of whom fall more into the "let's try and be humorous but mostly come across as annoying" genre, the other one I'm just over in general.

Tuesday I made a pretty good risotto, especially since I was half following half of a recipe I found online and half making things up.

Wednesday was my actual birthday, much of which I covered in my birthday post. I'm still not sure if I would have preferred to play the DnD game I went into town expecting to play, or the one we ended up with... I think it was probably a swings and roundabouts kind of situation, although I would have gotten home earlier if it was the former.

Thursday wasn't much of anything, during the day anyway... but in the evening I ran my "birthday game" of DnD... only in so much as a) it was the game I'd selected within a week of my birthday to be able to give out additional items and get extra things for some of my own characters and b) was the day after my birthday.

I did get a brief rendition of Happy Birthday from the reprobates I usually either play with or run for on a Thursday, so that was nice. But I will say that as a party, and this includes my own character, we are so fucking overpowered at this point. And we're not really that high a level. We're just kind of ridiculous as a group. Which is great when I'm playing... slightly less so when I'm trying to run for the little sociopaths (and I mostly mean the characters... mostly).

Friday was a general exercise in "you have a thing you need to do later tonight, everything else is just killing time until then". Annoying, but true.

And by the time I saw the show, which was running late, resisted the urge to kill the group of homosexuals who were lined up in front of me because they were essentially vacuous, came home, wrote it up and whatever else, it was getting on for around 2am, which also explains why I didn't wake up this morning until after 8am.

So that threw any possibility of me getting to Norwood and voting early out the proverbial window.

It was also a weird old morning... cloudy by with a very warm wind, especially following on from all the rain we had yesterday. Methinks the autumnal weather is asserting itself, finally. It usually comes in with a vengeance about a week after Fringe where we suddenly go from weather suitable for shorts to weather suitable for hoodies within the same 7 day period.

But I went and voted... which was much less well organised than last time. And it seems like we're about the have a change in government for the first time since 2002... to which I say... m'eh. Not a fucking thing will change, because it never does... but I do know that people I used to work with will be very busy once the usual reshuffling gets announced. And having lived through several variations of those shufflings before and after 2002, they are welcome to them.

And that's the maximum amount I will talk about politics for the next however many years.

Ma was getting her hair did today, so I was voting and shopping on my own, which was useful given how super late I was running. And on top of that I had to remember to actually buy enough stuff to see me through the week, since I won't have pre-Fringe dinners to prop me up this week.

Anyway, I got home in enough time to unpack, do some tidying up and then watch some stuff on YouTube before Ma arrived.

The problem was that we had a whole day (well, from around 11am until about 6:30pm) to fill and nothing to do. Which will be the one up side to the Fringe ending... we won't have to fill in time if we have nothing we want to do.

But fill it we did, between stopping off at the Market on Flinders (mostly disappointing, although that stall at the back that sells all sorts of random things from estate sales is pretty much my kryptonite), then scoping out some street art cubes in Hindmarsh Square, before wandering down the Mall "looking at things", stopping off in the odd store or two. We figured that, all things considered, it seemed silly to leave a perfectly good car park to come back to my place for a couple of hours, then have to try and find one again. So we, in essence, loitered around.

We went back and sat in Hindmarsh Square for a while until it started to rain, then we took refuge in the car for a while before heading down to Max Brenner for some chocolatey goodness.

Then we headed down to Gluttony and just hung around for a while watching the people go by. Okay, that partially included being very interested in the nice people from one of those places that take reptiles and other animals to schools and whatnot... because snakes.

Until finally it was showtime... or at least "show lining up time". And, as always, the lining up part of Fringe is the part that I will not miss.

After the show we considered stopping somewhere for pizza... but Rundle Street, on the last night of the Fringe, which also happens to be a Saturday and happens to be St Patrick's Day... forget about it. So we stopped at Fasta Pasta instead.

And that, as they say, was that. Both for the day and for the Fringe.

Sometime next week I need to sit down and work though my round-up post... in between preparing for my rental inspection the week after this one.

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