photo friday: brick faces

brick facearmy brat

skull jarnewtown howl
I'm am definitely running out of photos that easily match up together...

This week has been less full... only three Fringe shows... Sunday, Wednesday and today.

And three fairly functional games of DnD. None of which I've had to DM because the group who I promised to DM for have disappeared, which is fine. We did finally finish a module we started back at the beginning of November, as that group hasn't really all been in the same place at the same time since.

The rest of the week was very uneventful. And one of those weeks were I really couldn't get my ass into gear particularly well.

Today was a long day... we probably could have made it less long but we didn't. Our only Fringe show was at 8pm, but Ma still came down first thing in the morning so we could go shopping... and then we had like 10 hours to fill.

We managed to fill them by going to Marion (since the Fringe show was in Marion), wandering around Westfield and then going to the movies. Then we grabbed some dinner before heading off to the show.

That's literally my whole week. Seven paragraphs, two of which ostensibly have nothing to do with the week itself.

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