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When I get something stuck in my head, I do have a tendency to dive in face first and swim all the way to the bottom...

More on that in a second.

I made a pretty good bacon and tomato soup this week... previously I've spent entirely too long chopping the ingredients up into little tiny bits, but this time I just looked at the stuff laid out on the bench and thought "why the fuck do I need to do that?"... so I didn't. And it worked out perfectly just roughly chopping everything.

I did use what is commonly called a "metric fuckton" of bacon thought. So it was all very good.

As I mentioned last week, I took myself off to play D&D... and that continued again this week. In fact I not only went back to the Wednesday morning game, but also went to a game on Thursday night. And next week it'll probably be a Monday night game too.

I will say that the Thursday game, which involved five players, including myself, was a little more chaotic than previous ones. Partly because three of the players were essentially brand new (and knew each other), but I also think that that number feels a little too big, weirdly.

The game on Wednesday was very different from either of the other games, firstly there were only three of us playing, and it was very roleplay heavy... and was kind of mechanically perfect for my character. I also think we surprised the DM more than a few times on how we chose to play things.

And yes, I know I'm a giant nerd, this should not be a surprise to anybody.

The other thing I realised (and tweeted about the other day) is that I've now met at least a dozen new people and spent anywhere between three and four hours with them, working cooperatively and making decisions.

And I know essentially nothing about them as people. It's very odd. Also, this isn't a "regular group" kind of D&D game where you get together with the exact same people and play an ongoing campaign, but rather coming together with whoever happens to be there on a given day and playing whatever 2 to 4 hour module the DM has prepared. Although given the finite number of players around, I'm pretty sure I'll end up playing with the same people multiple times.

The Thursday group especially could be good if they all (well, all but one) return.

Anyway... what it means is that I've actually left the house multiple times this week and interacted with real life people, in the flesh, who I didn't already know, in the world, and enjoyed myself.

I'm fairly certain this is a clear indicator that the end of days is upon us.

See, I told you I dive in and don't come up for air.

Otherwise I had my chiro appointment on Friday afternoon, so that was yet another trip into the city. Fortunately she was very pleased with how my back was compared with the mess it was in the last time she saw me. And that was after spending about 11 hours sitting on strange, fairly uncomfortable chairs over the last week.

Today was both slightly momentous and fairly dull.

Fairly dull in that it was much the same as every other Saturday of late... supermarket, drive to Ma's place, wander around the shopping centre, come home.

And that's essentially what happened. We thought about going to the movies, but neither of us were especially enthusiastic and the one thing we may have bothered with was only on in the morning. We do definitely need to get back to doing the movie thing though.

However, momentous for the simple fact that Ma drove us to the shopping centre. Her doctor finally gave her the green light to drive again, albeit only within 10km of home, which essentially just includes to and from work (which she's also going back to next week) and the shops.

But it's a step in the right direction.

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