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This week has been brought to you by the letter blah and the number m'eh...

I managed to make really good soup this week... chicken noodle soup... I usually do pretty damn well with chicken soup to be honest, and this was a good one.

Back in 2010 (good lord, that was seven years ago)... I wrote a post about why that particular season of Doctor Who sucked really, really hard... and I mentioned what my response to various season finales of Doctor Who had been up until that point... essentially how much I did or didn't cry during the finale.

This is by way of saying that now, with the end of Peter Capaldi's final season, we have a new record... I still don't completely know why, but I cried like a mofo. And it genuinely baffles me that if Stephen Moffat could do that in that episode, why the hell couldn't he do more of it in previous seasons.

He even made me really like and appreciate Missy, which I didn't think was humanly possible, since I absolutely loathed her in her first series. But I will say that it was due to the combination of Capaldi, Pearl Mackie as the companion and Michelle Gomez as Missy... oh and Matt Lucas as Narole. It's been a powerful combination of characters and actors and it'll be interesting to see what happens with a new Doctor, new companion and new show runner after the Christmas special.

And they haven't even announced a new Doctor as yet... the last episode seemed to be foreshadowing pretty damn heavily (ah yes, that patented Moffat subtlety... I won't miss that one bit) that the next Doctor would be a woman... but only time will tell. As always, it's about the actor they actually choose and what direction they choose to take the Doctor's personality, so I guess only time will tell.

Otherwise the week has been very cold and very wet and very dull.

I also managed to completely and totally forget that I had a haircut appointment with Tink on Thursday... I hadn't set an alarm in my phone, and then I got an SMS from her around 8pm checking if I was okay. We then rescheduled for Monday... whoops.

I mean there's been more than a few times where she's rescheduled at the last minute, so I don't feel quite so bad about it... but, yeah... forgetting the whole thing is a new one.

I had something of an early start this morning... well early compared to the usual time I've been heading out... and it was actually a fairly big shopping trip. Part of that was because Ma needed a bunch more stuff than she has done in previous weeks, but somehow I ended up getting more than usual too... who knows.

I'm planning on making beef and barley soup... but given past experience with beef soup, I'm guessing it will probably end up as stew... I'm going to give it a red hot go though.

Once the shopping part of the day was over I headed down to Ma's place.

Due to a seemingly ever increasingly specific series of circumstances (none of which are particularly interesting) Ma had to have her gas fireplace removed because it had a number of issues, up to and including leaking a small amount of gas. Which meant that her place was pretty damn cold this morning. So our main task for the day was to find her a temporary heater until the gas fire situation is sorted out.

That mostly meant wandering around her shopping centre trying to find somewhere that had heaters that a) weren't under $15 no brand pieces of crap, b) weren't $150 giant oil heaters, c) had more than the previous two choices... harder than you'd think to be honest. But we eventually found something that fit the bill.

When we got back we ended up looking through a bunch of really, really old photos and talking about the fish and chip shop Ma grew up in. Which I knew about obviously, but there were things I'd never thought to ask, so that was interesting.

I also amused the pair of us by reading some of the adverts in very, very, very old newspaper clippings... because some of them are just plain weird. But I also need to scan a bunch of those clippings, as that paper is pretty damn fragile in a lot of cases.

So that was about it really.

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