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You know how they say that "no news is good news"?... Yes, whoever said that is full of shit.

The beef and barley soup I made last weekend was pretty decent... I don't think I put enough barley in to be honest... and the beef wasn't quite as tender as I was intending. But it was fairly tasty, none the less.

The main problem I had with it was the fact that I don't have all that much of an appetite at the moment. So whereas previously I'd have a big bowl of soup at lunch, then come home and make a whole meal for dinner, I've mostly ended up moving the soup to dinner, and lunch either relatively non-existent or minimal at best.

Not a bad thing for my waistline, but it does still occasionally play havoc with me picking stuff out at the supermarket.

Monday was my rescheduled haircut... copy and paste here from every other haircut in the last year or so... but it was nice to get out of the house.

And I did watch the first six episodes of The Handmaid's Tale... which is really amazing but also incredibly frustrating and makes me all kinds of mad. I'll probably get around to finishing it at some point, but I don't know how enthusiastic I am about it.

Otherwise I got nothing.

Today was fairly by the numbers as well. I did manage to remember that I really didn't need very much, so it was a fairly light shop. I'm going with a tuna mornay this week... I think I need to go live in the comfort food genre for a bit. I may also give lasagna a go next week... I've made it before, but with varying degrees of success.

Anyway, after the shopping portion, I headed down to Ma's.

She's definitely on the mend... although she does keep favouring the injured shoulder when she's lifting that arm. I know it's still early days and it may resolve itself later on, but I feel like she needs to keep an eye on it.

We headed off to her shopping centre, she wanted to pick a few things up (which to be honest, I could have picked most of them up, but she said she wanted to actually do some shopping, which I kind of get), so we just did the usual wander and ended at the supermarket.

Afterwards we stopped for some lunch at Schnithouse... but they were so full we initially had to get take-out... fortunately some space cleared out and they managed to seat us, so that was nice. And it's not a bad lunch for $10.

Then it was back to Ma's place, so I could steal/borrow her big Corningware oven dish (because mine is too flat and wide) for my tuna mornay.

And that was about it really.

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