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There's thoroughly too much shit going on right at the moment, and all of it is a little more difficult than it really needs to be.

And none of it's helped by the fact that my brain is a little too frozen up due to the fact that there are far too many things I should be doing or thinking about and my brain just seizes up.

Work was fairly quiet at the beginning of the week, but the rest of it was fairly busy. One of the additional things I had to do along the way was make all the arrangements to move to a different temp agency, most of which involved doing the stupid ass tests that I've done about a million times now. What annoys me most about those tests is they usually have a very specific way of making you do things, and any other version or divergence from that makes you fail it. Very irrirating.

But I'm all signed up to the new agency and I "start" on Monday. Tomorrow I have to write my job application for the job, which will be all kinds of fun. But I have given myself a reward to have only after I finish writing it. That gives me the rest of the week to refine it before I have to submit it on Friday.

Oh fuck, I've just realised that the inspection that I thought was the following week is actually next Thursday. So now I need to both write the job application AND do all the cleaning I need to do before Thursday while being out at the Fringe on Tuesday and going to see Tink for my haircut on Wednesday.

Fuck my life right now... fuck it right in it's face.

If worse comes to worse I'm just going to take Wednesday off... but I should be able to do everything, it's just a matter of making sure that I actually get off my ass and do all of the things. Or alternatively that I manage to clean the apartment tomorrow and then don't mess it up at all between then and Thursday.

Fuck, fuck, fuckitty fuck. But at least I checked, otherwise I would have been screwed. Although really what the fuck is the baseline of what I need to do to pass the inspection, clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, sweep and mop the floor and I should be done. Everything else is mostly done.

Sorry... got distracted by my own brain for a minute there.

Otherwise the week was spent going to Fringe things, with the exception of Monday and Friday.

I did intend to do some tidying last night, but a late conversation turned into a late gentleman caller who arrived at about 10:30 and didn't leave until around 2:30am.

Which made getting up this morning something of a chore.

But today was much like last week, in which the plan was for me to go shopping and then do my own thing for a while, then go and pick Ma up early in the afternoon. Which basically meant that I spent a couple of hours tidying the apartment up (thank fuck). Then I headed off to pick Ma up.

I went down around 1.30 just in case we wanted to do anything or go anywhere once we got back here to my place. We didn't end up doing a damn thing tho... because neither of us could either make a decision or really be bothered.

Then it was time to head off to dinner, and then two essentially back-to-back Fringe shows.

We were going to have dinner at the Seven Stars Hotel which we tried out last Fringe, but it turned out they were fully booked, so after a brief bout of indecision we ended up at Bocelli on Hutt Street. And I'll say that they don't skimp on their portion sizes.

What we should have done was move the car between shows, but we didn't, which meant first quite a long walk from Flinders Street to the Botanical Gardens, but after the show was over an even longer walk back to where we parked. Note to self, don't do that next time.

That was followed by driving Ma all the way home, then driving myself all the way back to my place, getting back just before midnight.

And now here we are.

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