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The New World Order at work started with more of a whimper than a bang, but I'm still incredibly uneasy about the whole thing...

I discovered on Sunday morning that my old apartment is on the rental market again... which is both weird and interesting because while I saw the ad for the sale of the apartment at the end of February last year, I don't think the last rental ad showed up for another couple of months, meaning that they (I'm guessing the new owners) either agreed to a 6 or 9 month lease or the people they got in ran out on the lease before it was up.

Don't get me wrong, as much as that was amazing, I don't think I want to go back to that apartment, North Adelaide or the city, yes... but maybe not there.

I actually had time to do some other things at work this week... including a handful of meetings, which is a rarity these days. I have a set of Lego gel pens that I'm using at present, they're square and they have Lego studs and connectors at the top, so naturally I keep the three pens attached to each other. And I took them to all of my meetings, as you do. And usually I will have a pen in my hand in meetings, either for emphasis, or to write something if needed. Only when I do it with the Lego pens, people do tend to get very excited.

Otherwise the week has been fairly uneventful and also went fairly quickly... although Friday definitely dragged more than it needed to.

Thursday was Haircut Night... and Tink gave me the present they'd bought me in Hong Kong Disneyland... a plush Stitch... he's so damn cute.

Haircut-wise, we did the same cut as last time, but went blonder... which in turn made a bunch of people at work notice when they don't usually. I may need to be more specific next time though... I really want to go more silvery than just blonde... we'll see.

Friday I had my chiro appointment, which meant I did the usual wander up and down the Mall afterwards, hitting all the usual stores. And because the weather has been total and complete filth since Wednesday, I caught the bus home, like I'd been doing for the last three days. Because I'm crazy, but I'm not crazy enough to walk home in 40°C heat.

This morning I tied up the apartment, which I couldn't be bothered with for most of the rest of the week because of the heat. Then I headed off to the supermarket.

Cue montage of the usual thing... supermarket, unpacking, then driving down to Ma's place.

Given that the weather was not only hot but also humid, I suggested that instead of just going to the shopping centre and wandering around, we do that, followed by going to see a movie.

It was a good plan.

Well, there wasn't much actual shopping, mostly just wandering and looking at things.

And that was about it really... once the movie was done, we came back to Ma's place and then I packed up and headed home.

Next weekend is definitely going to be something different though, since we have our first Fringe show.

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