fringe: night creature

adelaide fringe: night creature
I can honestly say that it's been a while since a Fringe show has moved me to tears like Night Creature did. And I don't even really know why.

I will freely admit that based off what I'd originally read about the show (and going off the feel of the poster), I was expecting a completely different kind of show from Lion House Theatre.

What I got was a show that was warm, funny, sweet, beautiful and completely surprising.

It's essentially a one woman show, with Casey Jay Andrews capturing my attention right from the start, but she's helped out by the lovely Tom Coliandris on guitar.

The set decoration is simple but effective, particularly the use of a single type of props to represent both characters and the landscape.

The story is the reinterpretation of a Greek myth about the Scylla set in a Yorkshire fishing village and the combination of the beautiful writing and Andrews' amazing performance turn it into a modern fairy tale.

I feel like to say any more would spoil the experience, but I cannot recommend seeing this show highly enough, it is a perfect little gem that was washed up at my feet.

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